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Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)
Another vote for ATC’s midrange. I have a pair of Proac’s that utilize that incredible mid-driver. 
What Is Better In General, Sonos Or Say A Network Streamer By Cambridge Audio?
If you are just looking for background music or for casual listening I would say the Sonos would be a good option but I have never heard the Cambridge unit. With the multitude of streamer options on the market right now I am sure you will get quit... 
The Future of Audio Amplification
Exactly Michael, how many threads on this forum revolve around system brightness regardless of amp topology. Get nos tubes, get better cables, toe your speakers in/out, get a power conditioner, better power cables, change your preamp, change your ... 
Nuforce STA200
Thanks for the comments guys I am looking to power 86 dB proacs and had started to think maybe the amp wouldn’t be able to power them sufficiently. I am considering an nad m51 as a pre. 
Nuforce STA200
I had been considering giving this amp a shot but my interest is starting to wane after reading this 
Restored Marantz 2275 or Vincent Audio SV-237?
I used Voskhod Rockets I believe. 
Restored Marantz 2275 or Vincent Audio SV-237?
Glad to see you are enjoying the Vincent it’s a great amp. I had a fully restored 2285b and sold it after I got my sv 237. If you can track down an RCA black plate triple mica 5751 tube to replace the stock 12ax7 you will find the amp sounds much ... 
Just getting started on a budget and need bookshelf speakers/receiver now
Check out Air Pulse Active Speakers by Phil Jones.  
How to remove woofer speaker safely
I use large screw hooks like the ones used for hanging bicycles in a garage. Just insert the threaded screw into one of the screw holes and turn it about 3/4 of a turn or so and gently pull the speaker from the cab. 
ProAc monitor owners - which stands?
I have my large studio 3’s on a pair of Skylan’s. 
Another amateur in need of advice
+1 helomech 
Another amateur in need of advice
With your budget I would look at a Belles Aria if you are thinkin about an integrated. 
Another amateur in need of advice
Maybe  the wireless LS50’s?  
The Peachtree Grand X1 input and output issues
It hapoened to me on both my original nova and with my grand pre. Both pieces had to be sent back to Peachtree for repair. This has nothing to do with you plugging and unplugging cables, the rca jacks on Peachtree gear are not very well built. If ... 
Kinki Studio EX-M1 200wpc Integrated Amplifier
I am curious to read that review as well as knowing what amps current owners of the Kinki have compared it to.