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How to Choose Speakers Appropriate for My Amp
Agree with Elizabeth....A few choices that cone to mind would be Zu Dirty Weekend, used Triangles or something from Tekton like the Lore Ref.   
I feel bad for speaker manufacturers
John Darko’s latest podcast gets to many of the issues raised on this thread in his  fascinating conversation with Andrew Jones.  
Audio Doctor goes to Axpona observations so far
I cant think of a worse place to evaluate the performance of a system than a hotel room at an audio show, except maybe a gymnasium. The point of these shows is to see whats new and talk to the manufacturers and designers. Judging performance.... n... 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
Often wondered why we drive on parkways and park in driveways. 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
U2 One Tree Hill off their Joshua Tree Album 
Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
“If you consider the cost of buying the drivers, paying somebody to do the box and the cost of dsp amps, thats an indication of the approximate cost.”I’m aware of all of that but you still didnt answer my question. What’s the number? I’ll even set... 
Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
I ask because I had a pair of Ryan Audio R610’s that were great...actually they were better than great and very well reviewed. Ryan Audio makes all of their own drivers in house and I believe they also make their cabinets and binding posts. Amazin... 
Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
Kenjit if a speaker retails for $8k how much should a designer have wrapped up in parts cost to make it a value in your opinion? 
Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
I wish someone would start a speaker co. invest in the tech to develope their own drivers, build quality custom cabinets and then design and bring to market a speaker that sounds better than the Pulsars and sell them for the cost of materials. I’d... 
Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
Soix thats why I said “one could” vs “anyone can”. That was assuming no formal culinary training but had a basic grasp on how to cook a steak you “could” pull off a meal you would get at a “decent” steakhouse I didnt say the best. Not sure what ha... 
What is the one piece of advice you would give about attending AXPONA?
Ditch the socks and sandals look. 
Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
Another interesting thread Erik. As a Chef I can certainly appreciate the food analogy here.For instance, one could go to a butcher shop and buy a prime grade cut of steak, go home and fire up the grill, throw in a baked potato, steam some broccol... 
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
“Pure love” must be what all those priest are doing to those poor boys.  
Some Strange Behavior From a Hegel 360
Strange, I had an H160 and thought it sounded thin, an outlaw 2160 was better in that regard. The gentleman I sold it to told me he accidentally hooked it up out of phase and said it sounded better.  
Ask the local curmudgeon (me) anything related to tech or liquor. :)
That drink is actually a thing.... except it has vodka...and it’s disgusting.