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Modwright or Wells
Agree the Majestic is on the warm side. I didnt like mine at first but the longer I’ve owned it the more I like it. Morrow cables helped.  
Best Bass Amp!
Nah 120 isnt a life changing sum, taught me a valuable lesson. Just wanted to point out the hypocrisy. 
Best Bass Amp!
Here is a better example of rudeness on Audiogon. Peter S. purchased a pair of speakers from me on here that were rated a 6 due to some face checking and a good sized nick on one of the cabinets. In my ad I stated I was rating them 6/10 for cosmet... 
Building Speaker Cabinets- Recomendation Needed
I agree Erik, ive owned a pair of speakers with his cabinets for many years however for this project i’d like to get the cost down a bit.  
Building Speaker Cabinets- Recomendation Needed
Thanks scratcha i’ll check that out. I’m in Minnesota a few hrs outside Minneapolis. I have contacted a cabinet maker in Minneapolis but thinking i’d rather have someone with experience building speakers. Lee Taylor has said he will do it but the ... 
How many brands use own drivers?
Klinger Favre and Ryan Audio 
What define "musicality" ? And what constitute "musicality" in audio ?
Did clearthink hijack your account? 
NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amp Replacement Recommendations
Yes we are aware that the speakers are efficient and that the Nad is a budget amp.  
NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amp Replacement Recommendations
 Many owners of these speakers use high powered amps, I have read many complaints of lack of bass with these speakers and this is a quote from a senior member on the Klipsch forum:Looks like it dips just a tad below 5 ohms at 40 hz, and another di... 
NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amp Replacement Recommendations
If buying new at that price I would certainly look at the recommended Vincent. I have had the 236mk and the 237. Fantastic amps. 
Could-care-less Manufacturers and Authorized Dealers Bash
Not a good idea for a thread...I put money on it getting removed by the end of the day. 
Any way I could have damaged my speakers?
Good stuff james63 lol! 
Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat
These so called attacks must be the spice she was talking about that other thread.  
Decent DAC/Streamer
Thanks for that link headphonedreams the puremusic jr looks very intriguing! 
Decent DAC/Streamer
I have the Klipsch Gate and really like it. Sold both my node 2 and 2i as I didnt care much for the user interface or the sound quality. My wife uses it for her Amazon music and I use it for Qobuz and Tidal. For $30 its a pretty good deal. Only th...