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Who did hear the new Pass Labs .8 series amps?
Peterayer -- thank you for that very thorough report. 
Most educational audition you ever had?
One that comes to mind was an all-Rega system at the last San Francisco Stereophile show. It was a modest system that really made music as well as making a big impression on me. There are a lot of audiophile niceties that we get drawn to but I alw... 
AXPONA or T.H.E. Newport?
That's because my initial ask didn't show up -- until later, Mr. Snarkey.Thanks for the input everyone. 
Any bad experience with wilson audio sasha w/p?
I think that Bo's native tongue is not English, so let's please cut him some slack. 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
Has anyone heard any of the LDR products from Tortuga? They have addressed the need for multiple inputs and remote volume control at prices that are not unreasonably higher than George's, so I'm curious how the stuff sounds in comparison. 
AXPONA or T.H.E. Newport?
Thanks Tom.I'm sure it's a great experience, as all the regional shows tend to be. I'm interested to know if AXPONA is small, like the CAS or DC shows, or if it is in the same league as Newport. I'm sure it's not as big as RMAF, of course. 
AXPONA or T.H.E. Newport?
Hello? Is AXPONA a good show? 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
I have a Teddy Pardo 12V/2A PS here. Can I use that safely with my LSA? 
What's wrong with my almost new speakers?
I don't want to make a big deal about this. I get that it's vague and hope the OP will circle back and provide some more detail, if he's survived the beating y'all have given him. Re: the car trouble comparison, I could ask what would cause my car... 
What's wrong with my almost new speakers?
Another reason someone might be reluctant to specify the product in question is that, regardless of the eventual outcome, it can create a negative impression for the manufacturer. It's fair to ask the OP's question without specifying the brand. No... 
KEF LS50 Need Help
Wow. I would think the LS50 plus well-integrated subs would beat the snot out of the B&W. How was it in a different league? 
Value? Vandersteen model II
Your speakers are definitely not curbside garbage. Whatever is the problem, it's almost certainly repairable by someone, even if you don't care to pursue it. Can you locate the distortion to a specific driver in that one speaker, or is it across t... 
Taking Suggestions for New Speaker Cables
+1 on Triode Wire Labs. 
What a Songstress Julie London
John Marks of Stereophile has turned me on to several wonderful albums over the years, not least of which is Time for Love - the Best of Julie London. 
Daedalus Audio Vs. Kef
Thanks, that makes sense. Connection with the music is what most of us what from our systems, but there's plenty of variation in what it takes to get us there. For you, it sounds like you need a little more warmth and tonal richness. Daedalus coul...