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What's the greatest bargain in SET these days?
Rebbi, you might want to take a look at Audion. Good value, very well built. 
Crossover Options for JL Audio F110 subs
In case you hadn't seen it, JL has just introduced its own external crossover, the CR-1. It looks really good. 
California Audio Show 2014
Good question, Dave. Because of the open baffle design, even the two 15" woofers might not put out the kind of bass one would hope for. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to anything with deep bass while I was there, but I also didn't feel that I was ... 
How loud is loud?
Especially since the focus of this thread is on what's too loud for listening. All that matters is the SPL at the listening position. 90dB/W/m is a measure of a speaker's efficiency, not how loud it is when you listen. 
California Audio Show 2014
The big "finds" for me at reasonable prices were the Triangle Signature Deltas at $8K and the Spatial Hologram M1 at $4K. 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Chick Corea solo, unamplified acoustic piano last Saturday at Stanford University. Final concert of the 2014 Stanford Jazz Festival. 
AN-J or AN-E with Meishu
I've been flirting with getting AN speakers for several years. I've heard them only at shows -- usually the AN-E, but David Cope was playing the AN-K at the Newport show this year. The AN speakers are always wonderfully, compellingly musical but I... 
Deep Audio Therapy: The California Audio Show
I'll be there! 
Best Option To Liquidate CD Collection
You cannot legally nor ethically sell or even give away your CDs so long as you have ripped and still have the files. Do the right thing! 
Your most disappointing purchase or audition?
I think you missed my point. 
Your most disappointing purchase or audition?
It's disturbing to watch a public meltdown. 
I need some speakers identified.
Janis is what I thought but they were late 1970's weren't they? 
What music do you use to assess your system?
+2 rja 
They have a surprisingly similar sound; in a blind test, I'd bet some lesser audiophiles couldn't tell them apart. 
Most overrated brands?
Very good, Jmcgrogan2 !!