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Audiophile in Chicago .....
Jazz Record Mart. 
Rega RP10 VTA shims
Theo -- can you tell us about those 0.5mm shims? 
What great speakers can buy direct?
Fritz Speakers 
Sexiest Speakers
Were you paid to post this? 
Has anyone had trouble with speed on their tt
Kiddman says:Everyone thinks they have great speed stability in their turntables until they hear one that does, then they wonder why the stable one is so clear, so natural, so right. Which tables have great speed stability -- which are the best ou... 
Cables more hype than value?
Ebm is an expert at the hit-and-run post. 
Jazz Musician's Sonic Signature
Good response, Mitch4t. I'm sure there are people who can recognize those players at the drop of a hat, but your point is taken, some have very distinctive signatures, others don't. 
What JL Subs to pair with Harbeth SHL-5 Speakers?
I would also look at JL's new eSubs. Budget-wise seems like a better match to the Harbeths and the e subs offer the full high-pass/low-pass capability.With two superb subs crossed over at around 80 Hz, you might want to consider the Monitor 30.1, ... 
authentic space recordings
i'll have to check out the trinity sessions, it might be too upbeat for me at this point Hardly. There's a reason they call themselves Cowboy JUNKIES. 
Blade vs S5 vs Avior vs Hansen's Prince E's
News to me that Totem and Joseph Audio sell direct. 
authentic space recordings
Many -- perhaps most or all -- of the releases from M-A Recordings. 
Bel Canto and Wyred monos
W4S just released new versions of their stereo amps. They charge a restocking fee for returns, but it might be worth a home trial anyway. 
Jazz Musician's Sonic Signature
This is true for all jazz musicians; in fact, all musicians, period. Just depends on how well you know their playing.But I'll play along...McCoy TynerKeith JarrettBrad MehldauJohn HandyJoe HendersonElvin JonesJaco PastoriusPat Matheny 
Who did hear the new Pass Labs .8 series amps?
Peterayer -- thank you for that very thorough report. 
Most educational audition you ever had?
One that comes to mind was an all-Rega system at the last San Francisco Stereophile show. It was a modest system that really made music as well as making a big impression on me. There are a lot of audiophile niceties that we get drawn to but I alw...