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PS Audio Direct Stream
I won't hold my breath, but the DACs I'd most like to see the DS compared to are the Meitner, Bricasti, MSB Analog DAC and Auralic Vega. 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
MSB Analog DAC is below your budget and should be considered a must-audition. Also: Bricasti M1, Meitner and EMM offerings.The problem with DACs is that the field continues to evolve rapidly and whatever you choose is likely to depreciate precipit... 
$6000 budget question
Have you listened to any of the more recent Revel models? Would seem a obvious choice to consider since you like your current ones. Or are you wanting to go in a different direction?You said you've heard some speakers that were highly-regarded but... 
What direction should Hi Fi tune fuse be installed
And what if the expanded scientific and engineering knowledge base maintains that there is no directional difference? At what point, if at all, would you (we) accept that any perceived differences are imaginary? Hardline subjectivists seem to main... 
Axpona observations
I thought the German Physics room was the AIX room, the whole point being to present their high-rez, multichannel recordings. BTW, the wonderful John Gorka performed live in that room on Friday. A definite show highlight for me. 
Wilson Benesch Square 5 and Square 3 speakers
WB is revamping their US distribution. Hopefully we'll be able to audition the Square line at dealers or regional shows in the near future. 
Some Axpona thoughts
As always, I read these comments and discover I somehow missed a bunch of stuff I would have wanted to hear. Damn.My favorite rooms:Bricasti, with their M1 DAC and new monoblock amps, plus Tidal speakers. This was the sound I liked most at the sho... 
Lessloss Reference review?
There are only two categories of reviews, glowing rave reviews, and not glowing rave reviews. Har! So true. 
$8000 budget on Pre-amp
Music First Baby Reference. Contact the US distributor and see about an in-home trial. Mind-blowingly good. 
An audiophile in Chicago .....
Gibsons -- good choice! Blows away the hugely overrated Morton's. 
Vapor Audio - Dagogo- Nimbus White speaker review
Vapor1, will your speakers be at either AXPONA or Newport? If so, which models? 
Revel F208s vs Cremona M vs B&W 803/804 D
Good response, thanks. 
Revel F208s vs Cremona M vs B&W 803/804 D
In what way or ways are the Revels not musical for you? 
Pro-Ject turntables
But the Xtension 10 has Pro-Ject's outboard, upgraded power supply built in. So what if that's powered by a wallwart? 
Sexiest Speakers
a little stiff at first but really mellowed out!Sorry to hear that. No, but seriously, you're a great straight man. (Oops, I did it again!)