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Review: Jim Smith Home Consultation & Set Up Speaker
'Seph, I appreciate your kind comments.For those that are interested in system voicing, here are some more details:http://getbettersound.com/consultation.htmlBest regards,Jim Smith' 
The Hub: QUAD ESL-57, Some good things last a lifetime.
'The best amp I ever heard/owned on mine back in the late 70s/early 80s was the Mark Levinson ML-2 amp designed by John Curl - a 25 watt monoblock.I did use an ARC 50-60 watt tube amp on them to good effect as well.The Quad 405 ss amp introduced i... 
Where does your user name come from?
In the early days of importing Avantgarde hornspeakers - 1999 or so - I used the screen name of hornguys.Resigned as the Avantgarge distributor in late 2005. Inquired later as to whether or not I could change my screen name. Audiogon said no - so ... 
Anybody have experience with "Janis sub woofers"
'I have substantial successful experience with installing the Janis subs. Was one of John's top installing dealers in the early 80s.If you're interested, e-mail me.jim@getbettersound.com' 
Center imaging problems
"If it still favors one side, I'd check to see if the slightly louder side has less reflective surfaces on the side wall."Or if that side wall is nearer to its speaker. 
Center imaging problems
First, you need to eliminate some variables, not counting the variable of your hearing, which might need to be checked.As has been mentioned, play a known monaural signal and see if it is centered. It should be. If not:If you know-that-you-know th... 
My ears of tin are over 50
Sheesh! The OPPOSITE of what I said.I was trying to make the point that, just because you may be over 50, don't accept the notion that you are somehow disqualified to be able to hear and appreciate higher quality sound and music.In Get Better Soun... 
Wiring a subwoofer to monoblocks
'Simon74 said, "Where's Jim Smith when you need him :_)))"LOL!!!Send me an e-mail - jim@getbettersound.com - I can help.' 
Grand Prix versus Stillpoints
Albert,Forgive me if I missed it, but did you have the Apex footers on the GPA amp stands? 
Turnable Rack Vibration
"Unfortunately, the tie-back solution is mostly effective against F/B movement. Much less L/R movement, and not at all for vertical movement."When I've screwed fasteners from the bracket into the shelf and into the wall, and done so at either end ... 
Turnable Rack Vibration
Having faced this issue countless times, the only technique that consistently works is to fasten a 90 degree shelf bracket (which you can buy or fabricate yourself) to the top shelf at the back and to the wall. This will cure 95% of the problem. F... 
AR highend equipment by Cello
As one of the very first Cello dealers, the only connection I remember was the AR LST redo. There were never any other products related to AR. 
Zu Druids upgraded Vs Essence
Had both here.Can't agree with Bonesetter2004. Or to put it another way, I couldn't disagree more. 
"Get Better Sound"
Yes. One and the same.They are having a little fun with a strange $150 listing on Amazon. Amazingly, not long after GBS came out, the Amazon site stated that they had had the book, but weren't sure when they'd get it back in stock.The truth is - I... 
"Get Better Sound"
Since some folks might not have seen the various comments from manufacturers and reviewers, I thought it might be helpful to list a few. There are more, but these come to mind and were easy to find. They have been approved to quote:Reviews: Stereo...