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Best Integrated Amp You Ever Heard?
.Viva Solista. 
Avantgarde Duo set up.
.What a shame.... 
Distance from the front not the rear wall?
-I disagree with your conclusions completely.As do many others, including the late John Dunlavy.- 
room tuning 12ftx12ft room
-The only successful technique that I've found in small square rooms is a 45 degree set-up.This tricks the room into performing as if it has different dimensions.All else, no matter how much you spend on room treatment, or move things around, cann... 
Any vets among the Audiophiles here?
-Yep, 66-69.- 
How far apart do you position your speakers ?
.The 83% isn't a rule. It's simply an observation made after having done hundreds of successful installations around North America and at shows.If x is the distance from your ear to the tweeter plane (our source of directionality), then y (in this... 
Budget Strategies forTightening up Bass?
.I don't post here much because of the large variety of opinions, all of which cannot be right. But this one is so obvious to anyone who has successfully voiced large numbers of systems.The single most important thing does have everything to with ... 
Moving/shipping Avantgarde speakers
♫If you do not have the original packaging and you want to be absolutely sure they arrive intact, call Craters & Freighters.♫ 
does a subwoofer kill stereo sound?
"Put the sub between the two speakers. Problems solved." Umm, no. Problem is worse. A lot worse. 
Goldmund mimesis 9.5 and Wilson system 8
'The 9.5 can sound great.But I'd DEFINITELY discover how service for it might be accomplished, should you need it.I'd prefer to get it in writing, from Michel Riverchon. Without that assurance, it's risky, regardless of how great it may sound.' 
Experience wanted with Conrad Johnson GAT pre.
'As a general observation, the GAT is far and away the beat sounding linestage I've used. I don't own one (wish I did), but spent a couple of days voicing a system for a client who had one.I know this system inside and out, as I originally designe... 
Tubes on top and Class D on the bottom
'IMO, you can certainly do it, at the expense of musical involvement.The sound will never be cohesive with different amps on top and bottom. It can be fun with each amp working in it's "best range", but it won't be cohesive or ultimately satisfyin... 
Real time analyzer
' Generally, it's not the software, but the quality of the microphone that can introduce variables.Ideally, the mic could be a condenser omni, calibrated to the system.Never a dynamic cardiod, as is found in the Radio Shack meters.' 
What time do you wear?
'TAGHeuer Link. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
'2009 MINI JCW. I race it in auto-x events. Undefeated in Atlanta BMW CCA season this year.Also drive it at track days such as at Road Atlanta, Barber, CMP, Roebling, TGPR and other similar SE venues.Also my daily driver.My 4th MINI.'