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What is your favorite reference music?
Joni Mitchell "Court and Spark" is still one of the best. So is her rival Ricky Lee Jones first three. Stay away from Diana Krall. Beside the fact that you may become dull and lifeless from likstening to her, you will find that she has killed a ta... 
Selling to someone in another country
$1700 later - I refuse to deal through canada. It has been two years of trying to recover my money. 
Any good cdp with digital inputs
And the Aero Audio cdp's (at least the Capitole models). My 24/192 Capitole has 6 digital inputs. 
At what price do amps start to sound
RLwainwright is right BUT once you hit the $1000 used mark you have so much better bass and mid-bass definition. 
Top vs flat loading cd transport
less moving parts = more precisionEven my original Planet had better PRAt then most. 
Which upgrades for my Rega Planar 3?
The best mod's are one's you can only create yourself. I've bought everything for my P25 but still feel the platter my daughter and I built and the thick sorbothane we added everywhere did the most by far. Beyond that, the Pete Riggle VTAF is most... 
Compare Large Advent?
I have a friend that rebuilt a pair from scratch. I was amazed. Is it true that the woofer is the exact same one in the Dahlquist DQ-10's? 
Is this the highest price ever paid for an LP?
Before the days of the internet, Goldmine listed the original test press of the 1st Bob Dylan album. There were six extra tracks that never surfaced to this day. It went for over $600,000. I'd be surprised if the Velvet Underground approached that. 
CD Buying Guide???
I mostly disagree with Jaybo. I've found that untouched original cd's with the hiss sound far better than 99% of the remasters. As always, there are exceptions. The Joni Mitchell remasters in hdcd are great. On the other hand, those Cat Stevens re... 
What well known MC cartridges can use a MM pre??
To all you guys - Thanks. I had no idea on any of this. Now I can get a MC and hear the MC vs. MM difference I've been told about. 
What is the best $1000 CD Player?
ARCAM FMJ 23T if you have any HDCD discs. It is the primo HDCD player. If not, the AA Prima wins at that price. 
Do I need Pro Logic IIx?
No. I never use all 7.1 
How to thwart cats
The family moaned for a kitten when ours died last summer after being with us 20 yrs. I resisted for a year but guess what? I brought home two kittens. They have proceded to piss me off and climb the planars. I've tried everything to no avail. The... 
Best speaker for small 12x14 room 50 WPC tube amp
i have had dahlquist 10's and acoustat 3's in the same size room. Very different speakers but both sound better and have a nicer soundstage against the long wall. The 3's lack depth in this small room BUT the mid-bass is very detailed. The 10's ha... 
First song to "Blow You Away"...
Very young (maybe seven) but the power of Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody To Love" was overtaking. My parents were normal blue collar workers but they had bought the house next door so my brothers and I could have a yard. Hippies rented that house ...