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Shanling T100 to the T200 shootout
Like many, I have a decent collection of CD's and records. Not thousands of cd's and records, but a lot of music nonetheless. Lately I find it hard to listen to many of my old favorites as I have heard them just too many times over the years. So i... 
EMM Labs DAC6 vs. latest version dCS
I like this. Maybe Romy is right about the bidat. Then again maybe Romy is Uncle Crusty. But those of us who have purchased gear and mods from Meitner, John Wright and now EMM labs, even though they were never darlings of the magazines or these au... 
EMM Labs DAC6 vs. latest version dCS
Anybody want to buy my all Museatex Meitner System, monoblock amps, preamp, transport, dac? On sale this week for $123,456 (lol). 
Looking for an amazing preamp under $700 used
Forgetting the fact I have one for sale, if you don't need to be on the common brand bandwagon, check out the Museatex Meitner Pa6i preamp. Although I believe Museatex Meitner is an unknown quantity to many, the fact their prices never go much bel... 
++++StereoPhile Class A components+++++
Well, this divorced daddy is cooking dinner for the youngens, never quite know how its gonna come out. Did I miss anything? I remember, and having cancelled my subscription to Stereophile because it was $36 and I thought it was too expensive compa... 
Need help w/ Audible Illusions M3A
The following is directly quoted from Joe's Tube Lore (I have never owned an AI)The 6DJ8, 6922, 7308 Saga - Part 1Posted by Joe S on March 29, 1999 at 19:59:08:Well this time I¬íll be reviewing substitutes for the ubiquitous Sovtek 6922. That means... 
Opinion of Avalon Speakers or Alternataives
Excuse me Shubertmaniac. I have expanded my musical horizons significantly in the last few years. I have not ventured yet into chamber music. Mind telling me the aspect of this type of music that appeals most to you. Thanks,George 
Where R U?????
On the edge, not the hype edge, the one you can imagine. 
Thinking about a VK-50SE Pre-amp? Any opinions
No opinions, but I hear you regarding the upgrade bug, or is just change in system bug. How does one with limited access to auditions choose among:First SoundBATCATJoule ElectraSonic FrontiersARCSupratekand a lot more? 
Do you rember your first?
Shoot Sean, Pacific Stereo, reminds me of when I lived in Costa Mesa before moving to Vermont. Do you happen to remember a speaker called the Quadraflex from that era? I use to like to listen to the Ohms at Fedco, a kind of predessor to the big wa... 
What music have you been buying lately?
Just picked up Derick Truck band. 
CAL Delta/Alpha vs Music Hall CD25: A comparison
You cant help but notice, at least to a causual reader that many of the golden oldies can provide a run for the money with a lot of the new designs. 
Unsettled and considering changing stuff
Buy more stevie windwood albums. 
Unsettled and considering changing stuff
Experiment with tubes or experiment with tubes. 
Why no remote?
It depends on just how much you want to get up for each perceived and therefore needed volume change. A lot of times I miss having my meitner preamp with the wired remote hooked up. I think it was considered the same as not having remote at all, w...