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Where has the respect gone?
I have a member sending me nasy emails for years. He left me a - feedback thinking I was somebody else he realized his mistake and retracted but still sends me insulting emails. Other members dont seem to read the add ask ? like does it have a box... 
Horn People--Suggestions,Please
I use oris 150 but there just as large as duo.Nice thing about horns is you can put them near the back wall or corners .The cain will not be in the same class as your duo .I owned duo 2.2 before going oris pic of my new sat sub horn system http://... 
SET power 30 vs 40 help please
The amps you mention are not set only 10 watts dif is less than 1db gain. 
What speakers for 300B S.E.T ??
There are fostex that are as good or better than lowther like fe208e sig or f200a or fx200,I owned lowthers best I perfer fostex but not the little drivers 
Avantgarde UNO's 2.2 advice needed
Try a oris horn owned duo 2.2 and love my oris to me better than AG 
Know any DIY spkr kits w/woofer driven full-range?
check out madisound they can help ya,just google them up. 
Thoughts on single driver speakers
Owned Cls2z many other logans much perfer fullrange drivers systems usually with a super tweeter.So they are not truley fullrange! also most [fullranges] need help with bass so you end up with a 3 driver system !only Fullrange I have used or heard... 
Martin Logan Ascent i vs. Odyssey
Hi owned most logans, odyssey is much better than ascent,Had to use descent sub with ascent ,odyssey didnt need it as much.but after hearing good horns and fullrange drivers with SET tube amps. I will not go back to logans, had good sound with lar... 
Speakers similar to Avantgarde horn
oris horns they are the closest in sound to AV .I have owned both. 
Martin Logan Owners...Why should I?
Owned B&WS and most models of logans ,the logans are better sounding than the B&Ws but I found horns and fostex fullrange driver systems to be much better than both,Have had other B&W and logan owners say the same.Have a good friend st... 
Your ''best kept secret'' speaker choice ?
DIY drivers from madisound 
Renting out your audio room
What about leasing hipriced audio?I thought about this much think it would work some of the stuff is priced as hi as a car anyway and most folks keep there gear well. 
Low-Fi Experience
my sharp 1 bit mini system sounds great with my full range speakers,not as nice as my tube gear but heck only paid $150 and it has a tuner and cd player.If Iam ever down on my luck this cheap little system could run even my large horns. 
Shigaraki and other simplistic gear
I have owned the 47 labs 50 watt ,best radio I ever owned picked up so much RF was hardly usable. Also screws for binding posts try ramming your wire in those also so small will move all over the place .The final music 6 had better sound no noise ... 
UPS is in bed with the devil,
They sure do make it hard to buy and sell used gear arrrrggghhhh!!!