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How important is it to have identical speaker cable length?
This depends on the wire gauge of your zip cord ;-) 
One box do it all
The CA Evo might be cool. Many here don’t think too much about AIO systems, and more are not fans of Class D. The all in one basically mandates class D. These might just work. Will you just be selling off your old separated? 
Purchasing from LP Gear
There’s no phone number to talk to a human being.There’s also no way to click on an item to put it in your cart.I’m not fond of a company like that. 
Purchasing from LP Gear
+1 to. tomic601Nobody wants to deal with international shipping and receiving, even for a small box. 
Purchasing from LP Gear
AR lists that model as discontinued. But there is always the pipeline that lags in supply.  The other models you listed are the updated models. Have you listened to the ART9?This series is intriguing, and from a major manufacturer. I may try the X... 
Audio deals you bought that seem impossible for the price?
When I was selling home audio at Magnolia H-Fi in Seattle, WA, USA (mid-80s), the manufacturers were often ordering a great deal for employees. A few come to mind:1: ADS was just releasing their CD3, which had excellent DACs, filtering, and build ... 
Class A Power in A/B amplifiers?
Fascinating thread here. OP didn’t know how loaded the question was. The Pass Labs designer’s write up is excellent. I don’t know where this video is at the moment, but an interview with amp designers had John Curl: the question was, “how much bia... 
Replacement power cord, Hafler 9180
(Yawn) 🥱 
Tube based phono stage
@gestalt How much for the Tron Convergence Signature delivered to Seattle, WA, USA? 
Tube based phono stage
@gestalt Are you High Water Sound in New York? 
Loudest Sound Ever?
Lumen Field (Centurylink Field), Seahawks home games: sustained SPLs 125+ dB. I’ll watch at home thank you. Once in my youth I fired a 357 Magnum, having forgotten to put on ear protection - took two days to hear correctly, and likely did some lon... 
Welcome Back!
I issued to sell a bunch of the ADS (A/D/S) which was a US distributed Braun. Nicely build home audio towers, with silk dome mids  and tweets. These were really great sounding speaks. The ADS mobile stuff was the bomb. I had a tri-amped system ADS... 
Advice on a streamer
I’ve used the Cocktail Audio n25 and the x45. Both decent streamers with decent DACs. Both these have a nice screen, and HDMI outs for your TV or AVR- a nice feature when you wan to browse from your listening position. Prices are reasonable. The C... 
Parasound Preamp
I picked up an “Open box” deal awhile back. It’s a really nice pre, with good connectivity, and a descent DAC also. Very quiet background, nice remote and HT bypass. I have a Rel sub and have tested the sub-out with a longer balanced cable with im... 
Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?
@johnspainI can relate, but I tried out the X45 and found it  very interesting. I did not like the fit and finish too much, but did like main features - a biggie for me is simple access to “network shares” vs a requirement for a UPNP server runnin...