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to buy or not to buy (ultrasonic record cleaner)
My best friend has one. He is very pleased with it. 
XLR or RCA for my new DAC
I do like using RCA: more open. (For short distance). XLR is more ‘direct”,more black/white, miss a little bit “the feeling” of music. Both are detaifull , I’ve tried both, but RCA, brings me more ‘into” the music.(system: CEC (cd-player), Auralic... 
Looking for a new phono preamp
Ear 868, or Ear 912: one of the best I heared ! Very natural, and open sound . Metronome Technologie: what a sound! 
Is Luxman a poor man's D'Agostino ?
Don’t like D’ Agostino. Heared them. In Munich with S. Faber: not my cup off thee.. if you want a good amp. ( most natural sound): Ear by “de Paravicini”. Wavac 805m, Audio Note. In transistor: Soulution, Nagra ,Playback, CH,... 
Have anyone experiance with the Musical Fidelity AMS 50 ?
Hey, Genesisv, as dac I bought now the Metronome technologie C6 ( tubes) and the Daniel Hertz M6L. The Wavac gives a good bass response (not as deep as the most transistor amps), but very natural.low depends of the kind of tubes you used. :Telefun... 
Have anyone experiance with the Musical Fidelity AMS 50 ?
Thanks genesisv, I had him for a while, was not so pleased with the AMS50: to”dark”, not dynamic or 3D. Have now the Wavac MD 805m:  they are greath! 
6000 dollars CD player
Had the Luxman D-06 and wasn’t happy with it: to “plat”, not very musical. For me the best is CEC (with separate dac) and I do like the Ear cd-player by de Paravicini ( with Telefunken tubes). 20 y. ago: I had the  Sphinx Project 32 :an amazing pl... 
Balanced vs. Unbalanced Inputs
And than, we gonna “hear “the difference  between the 2: for me RCA is more open: good balance, beautiful placement , detailed and holographic. XLR: gives also a good balance, placement:okay, but the openness is less: “flatter” compared to RCA.  C... 
A deeper more holographic soundstage.
Twoleftears:  I agree with you. I have Ilumnia Magister speakers: Omniradial.1 meter from the wall  in 8-10°. Listeningposition in a “triangel”:only with that kind of speakers , you have a perfect 3-D sound. The chamber should also be “”echo-free”... 
Does Anyone Think CD is Better Than Vinyl/Analog?
venyl is always better. Off course with a good element, good driver, good dac. :first:venyl, 2th:cd, 3th streaming. Our ears are analog , not digital...My best friend have Denon dp 100m with Ear dac,- preamp, and -monoblocks with the Ilumnia magis... 
Living room system: class A or AB amps?
Best Class A: I do like the warmth and natural sound of Wavac, Ear Yoshino and Metronome Technologie. 
Pure tube phono preamp
The Ear Yoshino 324 and the Wavac LCR-X2: natural sound!!Préamps with phono stage: Metronome C6, Ear Yoshino 868 and 912.Wavac PRT-1: best I ever heard. 
DAC's Made in the USA
Playback (the best!!) like, Mark Levinson to! Pass Labs! CAT-audio, Nat-audio (tube-amps). I prefer tubes.overrated:MacIntosh 
Overrated: -B&W-Wilson-S. Faber. 
B&W vs. Sonus Faber
None of both. Much better, and “natural sound”: Ilumnia Magister, Harbeth , Estelon , Magico , Focal , Marten...