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Should I switch to a larger room?
The dept of the room is very important:( you do speaking here of ft. instead of meters in the US). Take than the room with the largest dept -side, (speakers on the shortest wall ) otherwise you can have more resonance. (And  give your “basses” com... 
New speakers dilemma for vinyls... Heeelp! :)))
Ilumnia Magister MK2 ! ( 
What are the current useless terms in this "audio world"
“The best powercord , the - interlink , the - speakercables “ on the market… 
What speaker has the best tweeter?
Ilumnia Magister. MK2 with the Scan-tweeter. ( ) 
Had Three Different Speaker Thoughts; Now A Fourth
Ilumnia Vocalis MK2. Look at: 
Class D amps seem poised to take over. Then what?
Class D is to “ sterile”. He is very to the point ,but without “feelings”. There’s no emotion in ( music) class D : for me: Class A tube: I have a VAC 300.1 : amazing !Also my favorites: Ear Yoshino , DarTzeel ;Class  D is “to” pure…that’s my opin... 
Best DAC?
The best dac is the best one , for your ears ! Musicality, “natural” , detailfull … For me , it is the Metronome technologie C6 ! 
Japanese Audio
Charles , you’re right: Zanden and Reimyo are very good to ! Wavac is somethings special. When I speak about turntables : the best ones I ever heard  ( with my best friend Tom) :Denon dp 100 m and the Kenwood L-07 D :what a sound !!!! And they are... 
Japanese Audio
bjesien , you forgot the best one : Wavac : you do have them with p.e. 300B and 805 tubes . The best Japanese product I ever heard  
Which amplifier should i buy
Ear Yoshino 912, Daniël Hertz M6L, Vac, CH,.. 
Reccomend a good preamp for me.
The best I ever heared: Ear Yoshino 868 , and Daniel Hertz M6L, (have the last one). In my mind: Ear Yoshino 912. 
Tinnitus sufferer: is it the speakers or the 24bits/192kHz
I’m totally agree with Mike_f : take a tube-amp. :the sound is not so aggressive, more detail and 3D , and pure. As speakers: omniradial , electrostatic,. Not 2-way with horns: you hear high and low too direct:what about “mid”? And don’t go for “b... 
Why would anyone want class AB amp when class A always sounds better ?
I had a lot (or heard -) of class AB amps (high-end): Luxman, Esoteric, Hegel, Audio Analoque, Jeff Rowland, Accuphase, Mark Levinson, d’Agostino,...not of them all ,sounds better than Ear Yoshino 509 monoblocks or Wavac MD 805m. : the purity, det... 
Wilson good for a transistor amp. Not so well by tubes. Missed : the “natural” sound, detail, 3D...not my cup of tea. Is hi-fi ,no high-end. (It’s my opinion)  
The Most "Analog" CD Player?
CEC, audio Note.