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Audio Horizon Pre Owners - Tube recommendations?
I owned a TP 2.0n fully modified to a 2.2 version and found the tube of choice for premium performance are Siemens CCa's.As I recall several other members of the AH fan club also tubed with CCa's and I believe that's what Joseph uses in his person... 
Cost of running a tube amp.
I run Coincident Technology Dragons at 75 wpc Class A.The heat generated by the 211 tubes heat my music room nicely and if the math is correct,probably at less cost than conventional heating.I'm really fooling myself because I haven't yet had to b... 
Anyone else receive low offers right away ?
Yup,why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly. 
Tube Pre-Amp Recommendation
The 2 Dudes that recommend the Dude are spot on.I owned a REF 3,it was a very accomplished pre amp but not in the same league as the Dude. 
Tube Monoblocks in the 5-7K Range
Well if you are so inclined I have the Boss of Bosses.A pair of Coincident Dragon 211PP's rated at 75 wpc Class A.For more information on these wonderful amps take a moment and peruse Arthur Salvatores' website.I will be posting them in the new year. 
Pre-amp for Magnepan 3.6 and Bryston 14B
I owned several iterations of Bryston amps in combination with Magnepan speakers and for a time I did have the 14BSST paired with a pair of 1.6's.It was fairly obvious to me that a tubed pre amp was a requisite to filling out the sound.I tried sev... 
Did I blow my tube amp?
It is my understanding that you never under any circumstancespower up a tube amp without connecting to your loud speakers.Yes there is a very good chance you have damaged your amp. 
Bryston 4b or 3b SST
I've also used both amps with Maggies and Elizabeth is spot on. 
Preamp Recommendation For My System
Upon warming up the musical presentation is emotionally immediate.It is not an AR or a CJ sound,rather it is very satisfying in its presentation of the entire musical landscape.It brings an utter sense of poise to the music,a layer of timing and t... 
Preamp Recommendation For My System
Don't make a move until you've taken the Audio Horizons for a test drive.Company still offers free home trial.It is in a different league. 
Help with amplifier choice
Based on your budget and consideration of comments you made on tube and SS you may want consider a hybrid.A Moscode 401 or 402 would be worth a look. 
TRL Dude Dilemna
When I am home alone ,I look at Jennifer Lopez on my computer.Am I missing something? 
ss replacement for my SET tubes and Egglestons?
Does No sound too harsh. 
Tube Pre-Amp for Class D amps
Audio Horizons TP series linestage.Company offers frre home trial providing you have sufficient positive feedback.You won't be disappointed. 
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
Hi Michael,I can assist,simply e-mail me at