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Cable "burning": Real or VooDoo ???
There was a post (forget which thread) and the individual described a method for making a cheap SE resistance cable break-in device. Half watt, 10K ohm resistor and an RCA plug. Sounded like a reasonable approach. Does anyone know of any similar c... 
Sound deadening material behind painting
Wow ... you guys can afford this hobby AND paintings with real paint? The only ones that I own with paint on them are the felt Elvis ones. Not bad for attenuating highs, though. I gotta get a better job. 
Amp Hum
Sailor, contrary to the above post, don't give up the ship yet! Is the hum from the amp chassis or the speakers? Is the hum constant, or intermittent? Is it source dependent? 
PS Audio Ultimate Outlet
There was quite an extensive thread, identical subject wording to yours, several weeks ago. If you do a quick search through the archives, you will probably find your answer. Happy listening. 
Just getting started
And boy, oh boy ... making gravy has never been more fun. 
California electrical shortage audio
From my very “clever” moniker, I’m sure many can guess that I reside in Massachusetts. The State that is home to elected officials such as Senator Ted “My dog’s name is Splash” Kennedy, domicile to Willie “weekend furlough” Horton, as well as the ... 
Speaker wire is it science or psychology
Stevemj, you're killing me. You decided to spend money on a dual trace scope, in an attempt to find something that you yourself have claimed "can't be measured", instead of sinking some money into a set of good, used cables? Maybe even one of thos... 
APC Line R 1250, Is it Hazardous?
Njonker and I posted at the same time. Sounds like he has some good info. 
APC Line R 1250, Is it Hazardous?
Dekay, after a previous correspondence with you, I did some searching at the PS Audio site about waveforms that are used in their PowerPlants. I just checked to make sure that what I remembered was true. PS Audio states that the perfect waveform f... 
Hum and Hiss from Sonic Frontier Preamp
My Line 3 exhibits a slight hiss, which is completely inaudible except when listening directly at a speaker with no music playing. I am relatively new to the tubed world, but I do not believe this issue to be uncommon, as I have heard it from othe... 
Who has seen this equipment before?
Thanks for the feedback all. The seller of the amps forwarded some additional information about the product line that interesting as well. 
Who has seen this equipment before?
Thanks again. Much appreciated. 
Best crossover frequency when bi-amp
Ryllau, JBL maintains a pretty good database of vintage equipment at their website. I wouldn't discount doing some wandering about to see if you find something there. You may even try contacting them with a digital photo attached. Worth a shot. 
Coaxial or Optical
Oh no ... I think you're opening the "thread from hell" asking about how much to spend on interconnects, Pablo. With no intent to sound rude, I really suggest you search out the archives here and read up. At the very least, you'll get a feeling fo... 
Who has seen this equipment before?
Thank-you, but no info was available.