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Opinion on best hand held Remote?? Universal or RTI or---
I really like the Harmony Logitech remote. I have 3 of them for separate systems. It costs only about $50 so if I drop and break it I don't care. It allows me to keep my original remotes like new. It is easy to program and replaces a pile of remot... 
Marantz TT15S1 Turntable. Any opinions 1500.00 Budget. Recommendations
I had the Marantz TT15S1 which is really a Clear Audio. I purchased it to see if I wanted to get back into vinyl after 15 years of not having a TT. I was surprised at how good it sounded and much preferred listening to it over CDs. It did end up c... 
Modding Synergistic Research MPC to Galileo status
I also had Michael modify my MPC to Galileo status. I was very surprised with the improvement it made for such a small cost. Michael was a pleasure to work with. 
Phono/preamp/amp chain. One of them tube the others SS. Which one?
I have tried all of the combinations. My preference is tube preamp, SS phono and SS amps. 
Looking for a 7 channel power amp to replace Krell showcase 7
I really like my McIntosh MC8207 in my HT system. It has plenty of power, sounds great, runs cool without a fan, is very quiet and has balanced inputs. It will most likely last forever. 
Advice on what preamp to select.
I have McIntosh C series and MX series and love them both. I prefer the C series for 2 channel and the MX for 5.1. I have McIntosh amps that turn on with the trigger output from the McIntosh preamp. If I use a different brands of amps the trigger ... 
Best current footers for preamps?
I prefer Stillpoints as a first choice and Symposium Rollerblocks and a second choice but they are more expensive than Vibrapods. 
Can I use a multichannel amp to bi-amp my speakers
I think the amps you are considering would work better than a multichannel amp. I also noticed more improvement in sound with a better single speaker cable than bi-wiring with a lessor cable. 
Opinion on best hand held Remote?? Universal or
I like the Harmony 650 Logitech remote. It works great, is easy to program, feels good in my hand and inexpensive to replace when I drop and break it. 
Can I use a multichannel amp to bi-amp my speakers
You can use a multichannel amp but I wouldn't purchase one just to bi-amp. I noticed more improvement getting larger amps and not bi-amping. An active crossover will also help with bi-amping.  
Potential replacement for AZ Absolute
I love my AZ Absolute Copper interconnects. I have them connected to everything, even a 25' run from my preamp to my amps. When I had to change one from RCA to XLR I just sent them back to AZ and they re-terminated them for a very reasonable fee. 
McIntosh C1100 Preamp
If I hadn't done a direct comparison I am sure I would have been very happy with only the C1100 and I do love the sound of the AF going into the tube line stage of the C1100 with balanced cables. I also went a little tweek crazy this past year wit... 
McIntosh C1100 Preamp
Greg, I switched my VPI Classic 3 w/ Lyra Kleos cart over to the C1100 MC phono stage and gave it another try now that it has 100's of hours on it. My wife and I switched back and forth between the C1100 and the Audia Flight but it was immediately... 
McIntosh C1100 Preamp
Sorry you had a problem with you Audia Flight phono. So far so good for me - keeping my fingers crossed. That is a problem with more exotic equipment and the reason most of my components are McIntosh. Now that I have 100's of hours on my C1100 I'l... 
McIntosh C1100 Preamp
I just noticed your question. I have a C1100 going into my MC601s. I absolutely love it and would suggest it for anyone that has the space for the 2 boxes and wants to spend that amount on a preamp. It replaced my C2300. I agree with everything yo...