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Recommendation for small satellite speakers to say I don't agree with the previous posts but here is another option. Listen to as many as you can!!! 
Cambridge audio for two channel
I know their new 640C CD player turned a few heads. Dual Wolfsen 24bit/192khz DAC's. Priced around 700CDN 
Live Recordings: DVD vs CD; Which do you prefer?
Neither... I must be buying the wrong ones, the last 4-5 I've bought sound horrible.Could just be me. 
HDTV & current DVD players - What do WE do?
Correct me if I am wrong but most DVD players in the past few years are progessive. Instead of 480 lines interlaced (480I) giving you 60 fields/30frames per second you end up with 60 full frames per second, which is 480P (progressive)This is Enhan... 
what is an audiophile ?
This could get ugly. 
Now, finally, just the music
I've had my Tylers now for about a week. They sounded pretty good out of the box. I am excited to hear what they end up sounding like after break in. It's a great feeling when you KNOW your system sounds fantastic. In addition to that it's amazing... 
what is the difference between good and bad music
Now that my system sounds better than ever, I listen to all kinds of "bad music" and love it! Perhaps all music is good if you allow yourself to get connected and hear it right, but then again... 
What's snapping?
Thanks so far guys, I sure hope it's not equipment related. The Monster power bar is a stage 2 power conditioner. Now that I think about it, it does seem to happen mostly at night. It is strange because both my wife and I swear we've only heard it... 
What's snapping?
Sogood51, It does it at very low volumes as well. 
Tyler Acoustics PD-80's arrived
I had interest in many speakers. In no order here's a few.Von Schweikert VR4JRSilverline SonataGallo Ref 3Oskar SyrinxGreen Mountain ContinuumsTyler Linbrook SigsKrell Resolution 2I guess the big reason for my decision to go with the PD80's was pe... 
Music out there with good bass
Here's 2 more for Yello- BABY and YOU GOTTA SAY YES TO ANOTHER SUCCESS. Every Yello CD I have heard sounds fantastic. 
Passion or obsession
The bills are paid, the family is dressed well, nobody's hungry (damn I got mustard on the keyboard), we have our quality time etc... I just can't justify a new bedroom suite or a new kitchen table, when what we really need is a new CD player and ... 
matching an older nakamichi amp with b&w speakers
A friend of mine runs an older Nak receiver with an older set of B&W bookshelves. Not exactly positive of the speaker model so I won't guess. Considering the $$$ he's got into it, I must say it sounds quite good. I was running the flagship Har... 
Guitar player? , What model do you own or play?
Gibson Explorer Reissue from the early 70's, American Standard Fender Strat, 1978 Fender 12 string acoustic, Fender classical acoustic. Fender quad tube amp, Marshal practice amp, full PA system with an 8 channel Roland ADAT. Also a 7 pc. Pearl ex... 
DLP lamps
Thanks guys, I did check out the avs forum and apparently the original lamp manufacturer had many issues for whatever reason. Toshiba now use a new supplier who seems to have a better product. Time will tell I guess.