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The SET amp question.
I can't explain anything about it technically, but if you have not heard a SET or SEP on your hi-efficiency speakers you owe it to yourself to have a demo. The sound can be intoxicating. 
good horns less than $3000
Cardersound is a company on this site that makes some nice looking horn speakers. 
Rawson Resale......
Does Rawson have a website? 
Altmann BYOB vs. Audiosector Patek vs. 47 Labs
All good stuff you probably can't go wrong with. The BYOB will do what you need and honestly, I do not believe it is a chip amp. I'm no expert so I may be wrong, but despite its looks, I think it is a traditional amp. It is also mighty powerful an... 
Battery powered amps
I've had experience with both Altmann BYOB amp and Red Wine Audio SIG 30. Both are outstanding. The RWA SIG 30 is now the 30.2 and includes a really nice automatic charging feature -- you can read all about both pieces and link to reviews at their... 
I concur with Earthpulse...not sure what your asking for even exists. There are many good NOS DAC's though, with unbalanced outputs and SPDIF inputs. One of the best, I think, is the Altmann Attraction DAC. If you want the mother of tone, that's i... 
Crossover-less Speakers
Definitely listen to all the advice and experience being offered above. I purchased my crossoverless speakers from -- you can see them at my system page. They feature the Lowther DX3 driver.It is hard for me to imagine going b... 
Are there any quality Phish recordings?
Farmhouse is my favorite Phish album. It is a decent recording. 
Anyone going to see the Police?
I have two tickets available for this Sunday's (7/22) show in Toronto. I thought I could go but cannot. Email me if you are interested, know someone who is, or know how I can sell them on short notice. I'll be seeing them in Detroit tomorrow night. 
Speakers under $750.00...Preposterous Notion?
Madisound has a kit called "LOKI". It retails for $450. Outstanding sound that I think will compete with many speakers priced below and maybe above 2K.You should also check out single driver speakers of various sorts like those made by the Horn Sh... 
it all sounds good, but.....
My system sounds real to me ;). You have to put together something that you feel good about. It DOES NOT have to cost a lot of money. My current system costs about 1/4 of what it did a year ago, and sounds much better as well.The sooner you let "r... 
Apple iPhone Sound Quality?
I agree, likely it sounds the same as an iPod. Nothing more should be expected. 
We often underate the importance of the DAC
Agreed, computer front-end changed my audiophile life. 
TVC + Altmann amp?
Rocketiii: Good luck on your recovery. I think you will continue to enjoy the Altmann and all it can do. Definitely post your impressions once you get the DAC in place and have had some hours on both pieces. Your in for a treat. 
Cain & cain abbey vs Zu Druid
You may not be interested in this advice since you have narrowed your choices down. I have single driver speakers from commonsenseaudio.comI have the Lowther 2.8 Ambience. You might consider giving then a call and describing what you are intereste...