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Arcam CD player history
Thank you Stilljd, that is the sort of info I was looking for. The FMJ lines seem to be amongst there better players, is that right? Also, it seems the players that used a version of the DCS Ring DAC seem to be strong units as well....which were t... 
Esound E5 Cd player
I am considering this unit as a transport. Can anyone speak to its performace in this context (i.e, as a transport)? 
Audiophile quality USB Cable.. does it exist?
I looked at the Cardas and Kimber sites. I could not find a USB cable on either of them. Perhaps they have not updated their sites with them yet. 
Best speakers for near rear wall placement?
I think I read that some VMPS speakers can be placed close to a wall. 
Up to the Minute: Streaming Bits to Audiophile DAC
I agree with Steve. We are NOT at all in the dark ages with this. As with many things in audio, there is a range of devices that will accomplish the same task but to varying degrees of quality. You can spend anywhere from $40 - $1400 on a USB to S... 
Audiophile quality USB Cable.. does it exist?
FWIW, I asked this question about a year and a half ago, and at that time, no one thought it mattered or could recommend one. I went with one that had gold plated conductors (Belkin or Monster, not sure). I have occasionally used different USB cab... 
Wireless USB
One thing about the Geffen device that seems a big advantage over the Icron is that all you need is a dongle that attaches to your computer to talk to the hub unit. This is an advantage because if you have a laptop you can move around with it much... 
Wireless USB
Now that's cool, Steve! Could this be mounted in the Spoiler too, or any USB DAC for that matter? Do you think this will work with one of your Offramps then? 
Primer on Music Servers?
Thanks, Pluck. I am an amatuer, at best. Good luck in your journey. The threads here are a good place to get started. You can also learn a lot about computer audio from two websites: Empirical Audio and Wavelength Audio. Each has dedicated content... 
Primer on Music Servers?
High quality computer music servers are hear now, no need to wait. Having your music organized on a server is a patently superior method of accessing one's music collection, assuming one has more than 50 CD's. There are the stand alone units (McIn... 
Wireless USB
So, in theory, this Icron device will work on an Offramp Turbo 2 or a USB DAC? 
Transparent , Kubala , Luminous , or RS Poiema
Not much here about Luminous Audio cables even though it was in the original query of 2005. I have owned thier Synchestra Reference for a few years now and think it a fantastic, well balanced, and transparent performer. That said, I have not made ... 
Sonos turns your house into an ipod
The last two posts capture my experience as well. Setting up a computer music server got me back INTO my music. No more shuffling through 600 CD's only to keep choosing what's on top or in the nearest open storage case. Now it is all at my finger ... 
Is USB overrated as decent digital source?
You implicitly raise an interesting point. Considering Firewire and USB, what are the relative strengths/weaknesses of each for computer music servers and is one better for these applications? 
Burr-Brown vs Wolfson
As long as your auditioning, if you can, listen to no a no-oversampling (NOS) DAC as well.