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Harbeth Experts
I am no expert on these. I did audition the Compact 7's and the HL-5's in my home though thanks to a great local dealer. I did not buy either but was fascinated and every enthralled by the COmpact 7's. I definitely preferred them over the 5's. Tha... 
TVC + Altmann amp?
I have recently been experimenting with just this situation. I have the Attraction DAC and BYOB amp. Best I have ever owned or heard. A kind and generous Audio Circle member loaned me a TVC they were not using and I put it in between the two Altma... 
will the day come when?
Many insightful and compelling thoughts above -- well done. CD's will become a fringe audiophile/ecclectic thing like vinyl is now. All but a handful of the audiophile grade CD recordings will gradually become worthless accept to a fringe minority... 
Has iTunes, etc. impacted your listening habits?
It completely changed me. I listen to more of my collection than I ever have before. Having my whole collection at my fingertips gets me deep into stuff I never would had gone for if I had to shuufle through jewel cases or pages of CD binders. I l... 
Audiophile USB to PCM
I have finally tried out the Trends UD-10. Damn good unit. For the price, best USB to SPDIF converter I have heard, hands down -- this is stock, USB powered. I have not even tried the battery supply yet. 
Tube USB Preamp
The Wavelength Cosecant DAC is a digital to analog converter with USB input. It can be made with a volume control which would turn it into a DAC/PRE. 
Meridian transport and Altmann Attraction?
I guess I would say that you will be fine with the Meridian as a transport -- no need to spend any more money on a transport. 
Which USB implementation, Benchmark built-in or ?
Conversion of USB to SPDIF externally does not necessarily kill the sound. I believe some of these converters are better than others though, and like all gear, a bit system dependent. These do give you the most flexibility with choosing a DAC.I be... 
Meridian transport and Altmann Attraction?
Sure. If you get the Attraction DAC with the JISCO feature, you need not worry about the transport much. So, you could potentially save some more money there. Once you hear the Altmann it may cause you to think a little differently about your Anal... 
Floor standers or Monitors?
Seriously consider a single driver speaker -- add a sub as necessary. 
Life after Maggies?
Definitely consider what Restock and JohnK are saying. YOu can find many of the properties people love aout Maggies in a hi-efficiency, single-driver speaker set-up. Do try your Maggies in the new room first though. 
Meridian 808 or NOT Meridian 808
Two years ago I listened to Meridian's top of the line CD player at a my local Meridian dealer. I A-B'd it with the G08. I preferred the G08. If you have the money get what your heart desires. IMHO it is unwise to spend big money on digital front ... 
Beating the RVG Horse
I find most of the RVG recordings to sound pretty darn good on my system. That said, I don't have any originals to compare them to. 
Arcam CD player history
Very helpful links. Thank you, 
Anyone going to see the Police?
I don't listen to them as much as I used to, but I still do. With my computer music server, I have made a play list of my favorites from all there albums. I probably spend more time listening to Ghost, Zenyatta, and Regatta, than the others.The Po...