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The audio research arc line- from top to bottom.
BAT no longer includes the DR tubes in their products, even the REX pre-amp, but you can buy those tubes from BAT.......at the going market price.... 
Graham Phantom vs. Phantom II
Unless I've omitted something, the transition from the Phantom I to the Phantom II is as follows:new bearing capnew magnettitanium wandmicropoiseEach of these upgrades, with the exception of the latest - the micropoise, can be done just by purchas... 
Quad 988 mod review
What was the cost of the upgrade? Thanks. 
Audio Research Ref 5 preamp
On 7/6/09, Samuel gave a nice assessment of his early experience with the REF 5, comparing it with the REF 3. Do a search here. 
Garage Storage?
IMHO, humidity, not heat would be more of a factor in corroding the electronics, however, heat could dry out any rubber parts. Good luck. 
Audio Research Reference 5 Preamp
Samuel - It's nice that you have moved "up" from the REF 3 to the REF 5. Your review of the latter is all positives without any seeming drawbacks, unless I missed something. The former top of the line REF 3 now seems to be "from a different end of... 
BAT VK-32 tube preamp or stay with BAT VK-3ix
To whom it may concern: I checked with Victor about the 55SE tube complement. Contrary to what is stated on the BAT website, there are 2 - 6SN7 tubes in the 55SE amp, NOT 6V6 tubes. No explanation given for the discrepancy. I stand corrected. 
12AX7A and AT7 tubes
The 5751 is often used as a substitute for the 12AX7 although the gain factor is somewhat less (70% of the 12AX7). Depending on the circuit, this may not be noticeable. 
BAT VK-32 tube preamp or stay with BAT VK-3ix
Classical1 - Maybe I am mistaken, but if you check the BAT website, the 55SE tube complement shows 6V6 tubes, not 6SN7 tubes. The 55SE is based on the 150SE which also uses the 6V6. If BAT has made a change I'm not sure why they show the 55SE list... 
Audio Research Reference 5 Preamp
Lougiants - You are correct in what you say.........However - If the REF 5 is a 'significant' improvement over the REF 3, the "nudge" in price from 10K to 12K will be justified, regardless of the economic climate. I doubt they would have priced th... 
Audio Research Reference 5 Preamp
Rx8man - Consider the REF 5 the 'REF 3 MkII' - an expensive 'upgrade' where you send your REF 3 to someone else and receive the REF 5 back for 12k minus the money you got for selling your REF 3. 
BAT VK-32 tube preamp or stay with BAT VK-3ix
Tungvu - E-mail Victor at BAT regarding that "upgrade". Was that factory authorized?. Not being stock, it may affect the re-sale value in the future. The standard 55SE uses 2 6V6 tubes, not 6SN7 tubes. 
BAT VK-32 tube preamp or stay with BAT VK-3ix
Tungvu - The VK-55 uses 4 6SN7 tubes. There are none in the VK-55SE. The 6V6 is found in the 55SE, not the 55. Are you sure you got a 55SE? 
Who has heard the new ARC ref 2 phono?
MSRP $11,995.00 as posted on the ARCDB site. 
can Audio Research 210's use KT88 instead of 6550
ARC voices their amps for the 6550.The 6550 likes to see a lower impedance output transformer, around 3200-3500 ohms. The KT-88 likes to see a 5000 ohm plate-to-plate output transformer. The KT-88 can seem a little bloated on the bottom and a litt...