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Sound of SED Winged C KT88 vs. SED Winged C 6550's
I think sounds best with KT-88's rather than 6550's and the best new production KT-88 is the Gold Lion re-issue. 
Anyone try the Fosgate Fozgometer Azimuth meter?
Seems like it's back-ordered everywhere. 
Buy tubes from Audio Research or not
Unless I am mistaken, Upscale Audio also burns in their output tubes. Not sure what their rejection rate is. However, they've given up on re-tubing the ARC VT-100. 
what tubes to use in manley steelhead rc preamp
The Steelhead uses the 6922 and either the 7044 or 5687. The 7044 tends to be microphonic. A better choice would be the 7119 of which the best is Amperex, now becoming quite scarce. Many like the 5687 instead, of which the Tungsol black plate is c... 
Mods for ARC preamp / amp
Smoffatt - What is the REF3LE and how does it differ from the REF5? Thanks. 
My New Manely Steelhead
The V2 can use the 7044 or the 5687 in the output buffers. Can anyone generalize and state how the 5687 differs in sound compared to the 7044 tube (regardless of brand) in the V2? Thanks for your comments. 
McIntosh MC 275 Mk IV or V with Harbeth M-40.1?
Pdreher - V1 is the first small signal tube(marked on the chassis), that the signal encounters in the amp(when using RCA cables), therefore it has a great effect on the sound. Balanced sections are very important as is the quality of the tube. The... 
Victor - Our best to him for a speedy recovery. YOU stay healthy, do you hear!! We are blessed to have you and your products. Thanks for your support. 
Victor - Where does the name "Chipmunk" come from?Thanks. 
AR highend equipment by Cello
I think only about 150 pairs of the Cello Amati speakers were made. They occasional come up for sale on Audiogon. 
$30K for the pair of monoblocks. Yikes!!The recession must be over. 
Maril555 - Did you ask about cost and the ability to upgrade from the 75SE to the REX? Thanks. 
AR highend equipment by Cello
Rickmac - The Cello Amati speaker was closely based on the AR LST speaker. Mark Levinson designed the crossover. It was considered high end with a suitably high price tag. 
BAT VK-60 stereo to mono jumper
Just as Semi says: Remove the jumper, then either cut or unsolder the wires joining the 2 sets of speaker terminals. Those wires will be obvious. They only connect each set of terminals. Do not remove or cut the wires from the circuitboard(s) to t... 
BAT VK-300K SE vs. Ayre AX-7e integrateds
What does the BAT do wrong?