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Projection system help
On the color scheme,My old theater setup was with dark purple walls and grey ceiling, it was perfect in that it let the projector work without any washout or reflections.My new setup uses beige walls with white ceiling tiles.Lots of washout and re... 
low profile tuners?
I love my Tandberg 3001 tuner,low profile and sounds great. 
what happened to Cary 500MB?
Don't try to e=mail cary for any answers why they stopped production. I e-mailed them twice without a reply, customer service has gone down since Dennis gave up the day to day grind. In comparison I emailed Mac for the same question on there amp a... 
McIntosh and Brystons: Fair comparison ?
Ultimate tweek #1All I know is that butter smeared on my speaker cables make the sound smoother and faster and taste better.Just like 2k cables sound way better than $500 cables. 
Power Cables which take the soundstage back
All I can say about higher priced cords is to take apart high end amps,preamps and cd players and look to see what they wire with ( From male IEC through fuse to transformer)? If silver wire and the like can improve the sound, it seems to me it's ... 
Power Cables which take the soundstage back
As long as it's capable of passing the current your amp requires at max draw, you can waste all the money you wantand it won't make a difference except to the cable industry.Make yourself a #14 or better yet a #12 with shielding connected on the p... 
I need SS muscle
I bought a Mac MC352,Hope it fits the bill. It should get good resale value if it does'nt. Post with results after I get it and put it into action. 
I need SS muscle
Yes Tvad, they are VR4 Gen III HSE's. I first thought I would keep both V12's and go with Quad electrostats instead of my VSA's. But I really think my rather large room (16w x 28l x 18h) with the cary not dumping current into the difficult load th... 
Ideas for used SS amp
I was planning on using the one V12 for the top end and a used SS for bottom,right now I'm using 2 V12's. 
HDMI Cable Questions
This is the latest which includes more colors and contrast ratio. 
Cooling fans for tube amp
I like 24v DC fans, then usually run them at 12v.Very quit Alternative. 
adding a fan to an enclosed cabinet
I'd put the quietest fan with the highest cfm at the top and draw air from the door opening depending on door lip style,if an overlay door is used then either leave the door open slightly or cut an air intake at the bottom. 
Any opinions on retubeing W/winged c or mullard re
Looks like winged c wins in a landslide! 
Replacement Fuse's - What are my options ????
Not a good comparison,the smallest rims porsche makes are 17" and go up to 19". I'll bet those aren't deville tires.I also bet the deville tires aren't found on a hummer.Just like the fuse in cary audio's cad-805 for 10k a pairuse a high end slow ... 
Replacement Fuse's - What are my options ????
Seems to me you should go to the local hifi shop, pull the fuse,and see what the high end designers use.Do you think they use regular old fuses?