Responses from smholl

Poor sound from rental Blu-Ray discs
I did notice the "The Hunger Games" rented from Netflix only offered standard Dolby surround. None of the blu-ray sound formats, DTS-Master, etc. came up in the menu.Store bought copy has all the sound formats. 
Cartridges that work best on an OL Encounter MK3C?
I am using an OL Encounter on my Basis 1400. Current cartridge is Benz Micro Glider SL. Very nice match. Phono pre is Heed Quasar. 
What to upgrade first
Another vote for turntable/cartridge/phono pre upgrade. 
Best Two-Way Monitor Speakers under $700 New/Used
Monitor Audio RX-2. Great sounding monitor. Is your friend considering adding a subwoofer? 
Better Record Cleaning Method
I always clean new vinyl with my Nitty-Gritty. You never know what could be lerking in brand new grooves. 
Duet to Touch for next upgrade?
I would not use the volume control in the Duet. It is a digital volume control and you will lose bit resolution.I have tried it and it sounds terrible. 
Disappointing Albums of 2012
Notec - I hear ya. I stopped at Rush's last good record "Grace Under Pressure" (IMO). 
Preamp for McIntosh MC252
I used a McIntosh C42 when I had my MC252. SS with MM phono pre. Nice match. 
Monitor Audio Silver RS6 - What Speaker Cables?
I used Acoustic Zen Satori when I had the RS6 in my 2 channel system. Previous to that, I used Analysis Plus Oval 9. Satori better them in every way. 
Monitor Audio Rx1?
How about ordering a pair from Audio Advisor. They have a 30 day return policy. They have free shipping for purchases over $99. If you don't care for them, return on your nickel. I'm thinking about trying the RX-1 and RX-2. 
Wyred 4 sound vs Red Dragon digital mono blocks??
Sunnyjim - Why are these "digital" mono blocks? 
Opinions on Wyred 4 Sound ICE amps
I'm looking to possibly pair the W4S amps with a Rogue Perseus tube pre. I had a W4S STI-500 Integrated in the recent past and enjoyed the sound.Any advantage using the monoblocks vs. the ST-500 stereo amp? Both look to use the same modules. 
Best "small footprint" speaker between $600-1000
I've really been enjoying my Monitor Audio RS-6's for the past couple of years. Outstanding bass for its size. Nice overall presentation. I'm sure you could pick up a used pair for around $700 or so. 
Is Ortofon Rondo Bronze MC really low rider??
I don't recall my old Rondo Bronze riding any lower than other cartridge I've owned in the past. I would re-check the VTF. If VTF okay, than cartridge suspension may be shot. 
DacMagic - Now What
I went from the DacMagic to the Wyred4Sound DAC-1. Was a major step up in my system.