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Milty Zerostat - Questions
Have you cleaned your LP's? I find that the vast majority of crakles/pops go away after a good cleaning. This goes for new LP's too.After Zerostat treatment, I find that dust does not adhere to LP and anti-static brush will lift dust off easy. 
Milty Zerostat - Questions
I use the Zerostat the following way. LP NOT spinning. About 4-5" above LP, Slowly squeeze & release trigger on 2-3 different spots on LP. Then used anti-static brush. Seemed to work pretty well. 
members with no feedback?
Everyone starts out here with zero feedback.I get payment via Paypal or Money Order. If transaction goes smoothly, then they get their first Positive feedback. 
Stairway to heaven
How about live Heart from re-mastered Little Queen CD?? 
CD and SACD player under $500
You may want to look at a used Marantz DV Series player. I went from a Sony 222ES to a Marantz DV7001. Major improvment all around. I have also heard the DV8400, which is also a very nice player. 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Naim CD5x, Marantz DV7001 (for SACD) and Squeezebox Duet with Cambridge DacMagic.Nothing compares to vinyl through my Basis 1400/Encounter MkIII/Ortofon Kontrapunkt b. 
Dolby True HD vs. DTS HD
To me, DTS-HD is a little more dynamic than Dolby True HD. But overall very close.As stated above, Night & Day difference between the older bitstream DD & DTS and the newer lossless formats. Sound was a big factor to me when going to Blu-ray. 
Signal Cable Spade Question
When I had an MC252, I found that banana plugs were much easier to use. The binding posts were a big PITA on that amp. 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Steve Hackett (Genesis) Firth of Fifth. From Selling England By The Pound. 
Has anyone used Mikrosmooth CD polish?
I have used it on rare occasions if a CD has a scratch or skips. Seems to work if the scratches aren't too deep. 
Subwoofer into Naim Nait 5i with no pre-out......
"Tape Out" is full output. Does not go through volume control. Volume cannot be adjusted. Do not use Tape Out. 
Whats the most you paid?
A friend of mine has spent up to $500 per LP for the so-called Hot Stampers from Better Records.These are just used records that have been "listened to" critically and are deemed the "BEST".Crazy world out there. 
Name your lame duck artist........
Kenny G can join Bolton up there!!!! 
Anthem AV 20 version upgrade issue
I believe going up to firmware 2.20 and higher required a hardware change. New DSP chip, etc.Contact Anthem for details. 
Your First Vinyl Album.
The YES Album. 1971. Been a devoted YES fan since.