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Sony Blu-Ray dvd players at Costco for $109
What model #? 
Scoutmaster vs. Basis 1400
I have decided to keep the Basis 1400 and upgrade the tonearm from Origin Live Silver to OL Encounter Mk III. 
Turntable/Arm/Cart for Classic Rock; $1500 budget
I have a Basis 1400 with Origin Live Silver tonearm/Ortofon Rondo Bronze. Using with a Naim system (Nait XS/CD5x/Stageline). The Basis 1400 is a great TT for less than $1000 used (add a $500 cartridge). Great sound on Rock and Jazz. 
Monarchy 24/96 DIP and DacMagic?
I thought the post looked familiar :).Audio Advisor (who sells both pieces) told me that it probably would not make an audible difference. so they suugested money is better spent in other areas. I am feeding the Dac Magic with a Squeezebox Duet. B... 
Blue Note Jazz XRCD Series
I have compared the following titles XRCD vs. SACD: Bill Evans: Waltz for Debbie & Sunday at the Village Vanguard, Wynton Kelly: Kelly Blue, Art Pepper: + Eleven, Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane and a few others. I found the SACD much better... 
Blue Note Jazz XRCD Series
I beg to differ. I have many XRCD's, with some titles also on SACD. I've done extensive comparisions of the same titles. SACD is miles ahead of the XRCD. XRCD is still "Redbook". SACD has much more dynamic range, wider soundstage. 
Floorstander or bookshelf?
I am using MA RS6 with Nait XS in similar size room. My speaker placement is closer to the sidewalls and front wall than yours. At first I found the bass to be a little excessive, but I put the foam plugs in the rear ports. This cut the boominess.... 
placement of power conditioner
I keep all my power gear (conditioner & power supplies) on bottom shelf. I would never put any equipment on the floor. 
Integrated for Harbeth Small Room System
Ladavid - Looks like there is a Nait XS for sale here on Audiogon. Good price too. 
Integrated for Harbeth Small Room System
I strongly recommend the Naim Nait XS. The Harbeths will sing with this integrated amp. It has more than enough power for your room. BTW, I am also using the DAC Magic, driven by Squeezebox Duet. 
Naim Hicap2 vs Teddycap vs Avondale power supplies
I usually take the Naim propaganda with a grain of salt. Sometimes they go a little overboard. As to power cables, most of mine are PS Audio Statement or Power Plus. My power distribution center is Furman IT Reference 15. 
Naim Hicap2 vs Teddycap vs Avondale power supplies
per my Naim dealer, the newer integrated amps and amps aren't critical on speaker cable length. Anywhere from 6 feet to 20 is fine. I was using 8' NACA 5, now using 6' Oval 9. My front end is CD5x/TeddyCap, Basis 1400 turntable with Stageline/Tedd... 
Naim Hicap2 vs Teddycap vs Avondale power supplies
Scottmac62 - I've had the Nait XS for about 8 months. Here's what I have discovered. First of all, I thought the Naim speaker cables (NACA 5) were horrible. Very shrill and lacked defined bottom end. I ended up with Analysis Plus Oval 9 biwire. In... 
upsampling DACs
Do yourself a favor and check out the Cambridge DAC Magic. I had the ECD-1 a few years ago. DAC Magic is at least as good. Plus it has the phase reversal switch. 
Recommend upgrade DAC
Is Benchmark DAC a major step up from the Cambridge DAC Magic? If so, please discribe.