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The Magic of Brazilian Music
Leila Pinheiro not that traditional, but it's music pleases me very much. Try Catavento e girassol or Na ponta da lingua tracks # 2 and 7 I regularly use for testing purposes. Sol negro from Virginia Rodrigues is also in my collectionLuis 
favorite SOPRANO?
This kind of information flow and sharing of music loved by many is what really makes me happy here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
has anyone tryed Ginko Cloud
Slipknot1:Thanks for correcting my mistake.....Cloudy me!! or shall I say me "Obscured by clouds" 
has anyone tryed Ginko Cloud
Ray:Member Slipknopt1 has this product in his room that you can check in virtual systems, done by Rives audio. Maybe he can elaborate.Luis 
hospital grade or commercial grade receptacles ?
Eldartford:I guess there are more colorations in Ivr system sound after the change.Paradigms preclude progress! Keep an open mind and above all open ears!!! 
How do I keep my cats off my amplifier?
Couple of alternatives the first is in the same thinking path of Onhwy61 make the surface less friendly: do you have any extra brass cones you're not using? Place them on top of the amp, try to leave little space for the critter to cuddle as a bon... 
Sound Proof???
6month:How loud do you listen?If bass is your problem maybe for the time being you should do some reverse engineering using some accoustics, try to evaluate if your listening position is in a node or a null if you're seating in a place where room ... 
priorities-better cables or power conditioning?
BobI do have a HT 2channel combination, as is your case audio is far more important to me than HT.I had at one time everything in the HTS including the cable signal and stayed that way for quite a long time.And then went to dedicated lines, improv... 
To much high
Satch:Chiming in: the room (some expense). Placement (no expense). What lead you to silver speaker cables? Depending on implementation some silver cables can vary the highs quality... Might you have any old speakers cable to swap for a test (no ex... 
priorities-better cables or power conditioning?
Bob: Dedicated lines first as Darryl suggests.BTW You have only one HTS 2000? In other words what do you have plugged in the Monster? 
Music for the spirit and the soul
Thanks for your response, the best for you in your new life stage!!! 
Rogue 99 vs. BAT 3i
Interesting nobody has mentioned the BAT so far.Rogue preamp I've heard but no BAT. I think it's a good product with it's own ups and downs that might or not suit you depending of your travelled path and as some of the posters before mentions can ... 
Music for the spirit and the soul
Opalchip:Which volume of the Sacred Treasures? There are three available.Great thread!! 
How is your many titles in your digital collection
450 CD15 DVDv 
How's my imaging?
Vman:IF you'd like to try lowering the voices point, you can try lifting the rear part of your speakers with something like wood pieces, etc to lower the sound projection from your speakers.I really suspect you have a ceiling reflection situation ...