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Disappearing Speakers Sound Better To You ?
Jwells & RX8Have you tried of Roger Waters Amused to death? If not do it and you're in for a nice "ear ride"... specially track 12 Three wishes is specially nice for "effects" listen to the mix of voices that makes the genie voice amazing, not... 
Tell me about your sweet spot.
Speakers 10 ft apart slight toe-in crossing 8 ft behind head, 3ft from front wall, 7 ft from side walls, seat position at 11 ft from speakers 6 ft from bak wall. 
Is it best to use a 5-channel amp for biamping??
Sean:That's what I call "boiling it down" advice!!!!!!I've been sticking to a lesser amp tweaking the whole system while building the "critical mass" and take the leap! 
Soundproofing Hi-Rise Apt?
Montalk:I'd suggest that you first try to define the magnitude of the "noise" (i.e. for your neighbors) problem. Sometimes it's us getting too carried away with listening go to the hallway closethe door and listen from outside to your... 
Un-equal length speaker cable advice??
Depending on the aesthetic appeal (meaning allowed by your s.o. if any) you can instead of coiling lay the cable in a narrow half ellipse that leaves from behind the speaker to it's side and returns to it. You can "fix" the wire to the floor by a ... 
Is it best to use a 5-channel amp for biamping??
Thanks gentlemen!Luis 
Is it best to use a 5-channel amp for biamping??
I would like to read the response to Arthur's statement regarding the improvement with more power, would like to add a little twist to it.... if your 5 channel amp is struggling to handle the speakers (using one channel per side), so using 2 chann... 
Need help with room problems
Stuart:Great to see you have improved the sound drastically !!!!Another plus for keeping in contact with our fellow Audiogoners 
Need help with room problems
Stuart:I've checked your room pics. I second Newbee on trying toe in the speakers maybe not as radical but some you'll have to play with them as usual. Your room dimensions are close to mine and I ran into problems when I opened the speakers apart... 
Salamander Cabinet Resonance Problem. Help
You can try using caulk compound in order to lessen the vibration effect you're experiencing. Seems that the rubber wrap Chouca mentions is lacking in your rack and causing the problem. Try to get them or maybe in the meantime use some rubber cutt... 
What's my next step in AC conditioning??
Uri:Basically the side labeled for DVD and CD player on the HTS has the most filtering. The other side has much less i.e. where the AMP labeled outlet is and provides for more power hungry applications like AMP.Based on your comments by all means ... 
What's my next step in AC conditioning??
Umn:What do you have plugged in the HTS? What components?Do you have a dedicated line?There have been several threads on this topic that you can benefit from...The HTS which I currently use, is a nice piece but there are better options I'm sure yo... 
Cable elevators
Cytocycle What's the anti static you're using to treat the cables?Thanks 
Cable elevators
Pegasus:If you have some spare time for playing a bit try placing the cups in the normal position, fill with sand attach tongue depressors or similar acting like posts pointing up from the cup, take a rubber band and "crazy-glue it" stretched to d... 
Confused by Dynaudio specs.
The manufacturers specs are based on anechoic chamber response where no room reinforcement takes place that's why the actual in-room response might actually surprise you.Regards