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Modernists Unite, or: saying no to room treatment
Elizabeth, I very much enjoy your Voice of Reason here, and in all your posts. Thank you!Barry 
Johnny Cash
Thank you for this post. I fired up the album at your suggestion and OMG are you right. Larger than life. 
How to open a Peachtree Nova?
I don't think there's a market unless you cryo it first.Those FX10 LEDs were a dealbreaker for me - glad you got that amp fixed too! 
I had no idea
because I'm a jerk, I have to say: 'The Beatles.'I was so busy not liking what was popular (the Beatles were the sonic wallpaper of my youth), I completely blinded myself to their polyglot genius.Needless to say, the 'rediscovery' of that catalog ... 
How to open a Peachtree Nova?
Sfar, THANK you for this info. I'm giving that irritating LED a pedicure tomorrow. 
auralex platforms
I've wondered the same thing. or under components. seems ideal. 
is Cullen Mod beyond my systems and my ability?
forgot to add: THANK you guys for your help. You gave great advice for what turned out to be a very affordable and enjoyable, but still pretty darn esoteric tweak. Really appreciate the help. Love the interweb. 
is Cullen Mod beyond my systems and my ability?
Closing the loop on this. All three of you guys were spot-on; thanks.Spoke with Rick, shipped him a unit which was modified and back to me within 10 days or so. Very pleasant folks.I'd been listening to an unmodified unit while Rick did his work. ... 
Volume is to music what speed is to driving...
yes. fun and a little dangerous. somebody could get hurt if you're not careful. love it. 
help me make sonos better
(Slightly OT, but is there an accepted way to link to photographs here? it saves new guys like me so much time to be able to see the objects we're talking about without having to manage a separate parallel image search.) 
lessloss blackbody
With no sarcasm intended, I have to say that everything about this device and thread is fascinating to me. Just amazing. 
help me make sonos better
Greywolf, that's on an umodified ZP80/90, is that correct? 
help me make sonos better
That's exactly what I'm thinking, Edgejazz. I have an email out to Monarchy to confirm that the DIP Classic will accept a 96kHz signal from the Cullen-modded Sonos. It looks like that's possible with an 'upgrade kit.' I'll definitely report back -... 
help me make sonos better
I should clarify that my DACs are very modest (as is the rest of my system), and that I have maybe a year's experience listening critically...that is to say, almost no experience at all in comparison with most who post here. That said, it's my und... 
Ferrous damping weight OK?
Thank you!