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audio mods
I used to see a ad for stan warren in the back pages of stereophile. I don't know if the ad still runs. Best of luck 
Biggest Sonic Improvement
I have two: When I replaced my pwr cord to a yba diamond on the pwr supply to the audible illusions mod3 pre, and replacing my vandersteens 1b to meadowlark kestrals. Both of these changes were jaw dropping. 
Best ever made & sounding CD transport ?
I once had a micromega stage 4 that I used as a transport, but the counterpoint that I had put up for a while to me sounds better. I was told that one box players don't always cut it when it comes to dedicated transports. Also would like to get my... 
Threshold -- Dead or Alive?
Mr Chips if you still have past copies of stereophile(I think april or may) you will find some info on where threshold is going. Hope this helps. 
MY Sidewinder AC cord progress:
Hi Carl You have been busy I must say. BTW try the YBA diamond pwr cord when time permits. Currently have one on my wadia 12 dac. Keep tweeking 
upgrading from Spica TC60's to ??
I too owned a pair of TC50's and they were indeed great spks. I found a pair of used maggies(smg'a) that I thought were a definite upgrade but alas the low end didn't quite get it. You might want to listen to the meadowlark kestrals, there easy to... 
Asymmetric Interconnect/Speaker Cable?
You know after a little thought turntablemind may have something there. Unequal spks and interconnects should be avoided if possible. Sorry for the confusion. 
Should I DAC?
I believe that when a component is made to do one thing(dac, pre, phono stage etc) then it will do what it was designed for. A dedicated dac in my opinion is the way to go if you feel your missing something. Make sure that you listen for things yo... 
Best Amp and Preamp for $1000
Rotel makes good entry level gear for the money. You did not mention what spkrs you are using. Later you might want to trade up on the pre,and keep the amp in case your spkrs are insensitive. Good listening. 
Asymmetric Interconnect/Speaker Cable?
Nordost is probably right on this matter. There design in cable probably won't make a difference in the unequal lenghts. There entry level cable might not sound as good as there high price spread. Find a dealer who will let you try before you buy.... 
Aragon Amps any good for Planars?
I too have a aragon amp (4004) and I drove a pair of maggies (smga's) with no problem. True the maggies don't go low but with proper placement you will be surprised. Don't under estimate the aragon. Good listening. 
Aragon 24K... What ever happed to it?
Hello I too have a 24k and a 4004 amp to match. I believe there were two versions: one with a penny&giles pot and one that came with ips power supply. There might be one floating around and I might be willing to sell mine. Good listening. 
Amp stands- Do they work?
I don't have any experience with Pass amps but I recently put my Aragon 4004 on a Lovan stand and WOW. Everything was better-I should have did this a long time ago. Take a stand and do it. 
leave amps on?
I have a aragon 4004 that at first I would turn off after listening. But I found that the amp took a long time to warm up. Now I leave it on and in case I want to show off the system to a neighbor it's ready to go. Unless your amp is class A I wou... 
amp placement
Richard you should place your amp on a dedicated amp stand. I just put my aragon on a lovan stand and it made a h--- of a difference to the sound. Also you want to keep your power cords away from your signal cables. This may sound like nitpicking ...