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It's not the sound I want!
Sounds like you have a great system Blbloom. The jena cable although not greatly advertised are good cables. I own a digital cable from them. If I am not mistaken your Aeriels have a metal dome tweeter. If so you might want to try a different set ... 
Need Cable Advice Please!!!
Currently I am using a nordost moonglo digital cable. Although it is a little more than the 150 you want to spend in the long run you will be glad you brought it. Great connectors, well made cable. Good luck 
HELP --- Optical Cable Dilemna
You probably want to keep your cable off the floor as much as possible. I have used the large dixie cups to isolate my spkr cables form the carpet in my room. First cut a hole on the bottom part of the cup, run the cable through and then place the... 
amp\preamp interconnect
Currently I am using a cable from a new company called lightstar audio. You will find his auctions on audiogon and he has a new site as well. Very good sounding cable-look him up. Good listening Bret 
Need Help with Rega Planar 3 setup
If you will call my friends at Absolute Sound (Kai Haynes or Jack Kinkade) at 304-768-7874 they should be able to help you. Good luck 
Recommend pre for Vandersteen/Moscode
Hi I am not familiar with any of your gear other than the vandersteens. I have a pair of 1b's and am using aragon gear. The 24k pre and 4004 amp. No complaints and aragon will last forever. Good listening. 
What is the best digital interconnect
I have had two digital cables that I from time to time listen to. Gena labs gemini cable that is not talked about alot and the nordost moonglo which is some what popular. Very good cable and the gemimi cable is built like a tank. Enjoy 
My pre-amp inverts phase--what's up?!?
I once owned a audible illusions mod3 which inverted phase-just changed spkr cables. Once after cleaning my spkr ends I forgot to change polarity and did not notice any difference in the sound-so try it both ways. 
Aragon 28K Preamp any good
Hello spicy I own a 4004 and a 24k pre and really like the combo. Had a audible mod 3 and I think the 24k was a better match. It might behove you to keep the aragons matched. (syerngy) Good listening. 
A "dumb" question about power ratings?
I agree with the jazzman. Always have a little more power on hand for those peaks. A amps current capacity is important also. I listen to acoustic jazz but even this music has peaks that will require my amp (aragon4004) to deliver when needed. Goo... 
Speaker Advice
I have to agree on the vandersteens. I have a pair of 1b's and they sound great. The room is important but once you lock them in your set. I payed 250 for mine (used) and might be looking to upgrade to the 2ce. Good luck 
Speakers to beat wife-factor ?
I was a Maggie man once and they do sound best with them out from the wall. But experiment I am sure you will find the right spot. Wall treatment is also important. Have fun. 
whats the beat on MIT cables
I think mit does not let the music flow. Might be the network boxes. Presently listening to Goertz MI cables, so far I think they do what the mit's don't - let the music OUT. 
Best Digital Connection?
I have always used coax. Have heard bad things about toslink, most companies don't even have that option. Good luck. BTW use coax that is true 75ohm. 
Power Amp Suggestions
I would have to say the Aragon 4004 is the amp for driving spks like yours. Used to own a pair of smg maggies anf while not 83db they still like the current. My 4004 gave them everthing the asked for. Also had a audible illusions mod3. Enjoyed the...