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What adhesive to attch felt pads on Acoustats?
3M makes all manner of excellent spray adhesives for any applications and they are without exception excellent. Try this...http://www.sailrite.com/3M-General-Trim-Adhesive 
AC CABLES a little help
I would recommend saving your money in order to upgrade your main components. Seriously doubt changing an AC cable will transform your system. 
Amplifier for Krell KRC 3 - B&W 803D
Try the FBP or MDX series Krells, they have models in the 200-700 watt range and will easily drive the 803's 
Etymotic headphone surprise
Not surprised, the Ety's are a great product used by many music professionals for stage monitoring onstage. 
Thinking about upgrading my digital
The SBT is indeed a step up from the duet. Having had the VDAC I can say it is excellent, however I have heard only good reviews of the bitfrost as well. I think you are on the right path here. 
b&w 804 subwoofer
A JL Audio F110 or Velodyne DD-10. A pair of either even better. Both allow you a lot of control to match to the mains. 
Do tube amps benefit from using APS?
Don't know about the APS (although I am using a conditioner) but tube amps in general appear to be more sensitive to voltage fluctuations than solid state. I own the same ARC amp as you and while I really like it, it does require some very closely... 
Power Failure on playing music.
Depending on the amp configuration and the volts/current being pushed at the instant, it could generate a large square wave spike which could take out a tweeter if there was significant high frequency harmonics in the spike. 
What is Jazz?
I don't have much to add other than this was a great question with some excellent and thoughtful responses. Gives me hope in the future of the forums and its contributors. A nice change from "what is the best..." or Thing X vs Thing y 
Another J Rivers Question
If you're only concerned about importing the files into the new J River, this only takes a few minutes-(like under 5 mins for 1500 CDs) 
For Sale Audio Research Ref 5
Well without the manual and remote, it really can't be called "new" might want to change that to "mint". That said, I have been seeing them go for @ $7,000 USD. 
ARC owners do you have schematics
Checkout this link, schematics for most pieces.www.arcdb.ws 
What do I need to consider when buying amp and sub
The JL subs don't take speaker level inputs-line level only with balanced XLR and SE RCA. 
Blues, Jazz, Rock Violinists?
Nash The slash and Jean Michelle Jarre 
Best new audio cables at a reasonable cost.
Awesome...just what the audio world was lacking, another cable