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Need advice on a headshell wieght for a JMW9 arm?
The mortite is fine when new, but hardens after awhile. I would go with the VPI weight. The right way is always the best way. 
Cables - When Did it All Start?
Monster Cable is the Bose of Cables... 
Cables - When Did it All Start?
You're correct about the Polk cables..They were + and - braided with a very thin layer of painted on insulation that wore through or chipped off very easily which touched the plus and minus wires frying the amps. 
Benz help
Here's the way I measure horizontal... I take a lined index card (3X5) and fold it in half so that I can lay it on the turntable like a teepee with the lines going horizontal. The lines are parallel and I eyeball my resting tonearm on a record wit... 
Benz help
My Ebony rides low to the record as well, but never scrapes the back end of the cartridge...the styus is very small and black and is very hard to see. After careful listening, I was amazed to find that the cartridge'a best performance (huge sounds... 
Vandersteen 3A Sig listening window
Measure from the floor. I have 5A's and you use the same measurements 
The Best of the Best Well sort of - CD players
You won't have a question at all if you listen to the Ayre C5xe.. There is nothing to quibble about with this unit 
Help Rega RB300 owners
Narrod is correct, however, there are things you can do to make the arm MUCH better than stock. It really benefits from the dropped counterweight style, Incognito rewires, and VTA adjustment mechanism. With all of that done, you have a world class... 
Benz help
I have a Benz Ebony and the stylus tracks right in the middle. I have a VPI Signature arm - am using their anti-skate gizmo with the o rings in the middle of the arm which kind of agrees with Headsnappin's advice above. 
Have you listened to the VPI's?? Pesonally, they are more to my taste... the Sota vacuum system can be a nightmare to work with. The VPI ring clamp does a better job (to me) 
the dreaded breaking of tonearm wire...now what?
Don't use a lot of heat..it will burn the wire - even slightly will change the sound. I'd send it out for Incognito. I did that to my Rega arm when I had it and the difference to stock was very much better. 
Tired of Expensive Speaker Cable. Alternatives?
You don't have to spend top dollar to get top quality sound. A Honda Accord is a better car than is a Mercedes 320 because its more comfortable, quieter, faster, corners better, etc. than the more expensive one. I know because I own both. The obje... 
Meridian vs Ayre
I have a C5xe. I'm not so sure that balanced operation should be a question. Some components sound better balanced (all Ayre equipment)..some sound better single ended. As far as the C5xe is concerned, I think its the best silver disc player. I al... 
Tired of Expensive Speaker Cable. Alternatives?
Hi Audiofeil... No that's not true. I've never heard a system that didn't benefit from Paul's cables. If one's goal is to temper highs, color the mids, etc, then you can look elsewhere. That's not what audiophiles are after Audiofeil... 
Tired of Expensive Speaker Cable. Alternatives?
I've posted this before. I have a very high end system (you can see it listed under Opinions Please in Members systmes), and absolutely know that Anti-Cables are the best. I've had them all at one time or another, but am quite happy with Paul's ca...