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denon 160, AT 150, orton 540 mk2 or Grado Sonata?
One can only discribe components in relation to another. I changed from a Grado Sonata low output to a Benz Ebony High Output. The change revealed that the Grado was grainy, deep tan in character, and not well extended in either direction. I must ... 
What could be wrong?
Sometimes cables oxidize, and just by unplugging and replugging, you have cleaned the connection. 
$40.000 speaker advise. Check out my list
I agree about your giving serious listening to the Vandersteen's. I'm driving mine with Ayre components and using cheap but excellent Anti-Cables. They are not dark at all, and the sound is huge - way beyond the speakers themselves and deep...espe... 
what would you get for 1000$ ?
...a bank account. Seriously. Instead of stepping up incrementally and spending millions of dollars, get a true high end system and enjoy it for ever. 
Noise Destoyer Power Conditioner
Anytime I plug a line conditioner in my system it does harm. Try your system with no conditioner and take another listen. 
Please help with speaker choices
I can't imagine you not wanting to hear one of the Vandersteen speakers. They all are a steal at each of their price points... 
New Cart? Best all around performer...MM or HO
It sounds like you want a Benz cartridge. Very musical with a comforting warmth... 
VTA For Scoutmaster
I'm still tinkering with my new Superscoutmaster/heavy platter/Benz Ebony, but right now at tracking at 2.2 grams, the arm looks a bit low relative to the head shell. 
Is analog & vinyl anoying? Is it worht it.
You really sounds as though you should not be in this forum. You should be spending your time with your tv. 
has anyone heard the nuforce amplifiers
These amps are not very musical sounding. They sound kind of "not right" 
Nottingham Space Deck 294
It is impossible to compare turntables with different cartridges which require different loading and setup. 
Setup Dynavector XV-1s on SME V help
Check again how if the overhang adjustment and or the VTA is set correctly. I had that very same problem with a Grado cart, and found that the back end of the arm had to be raised a bit. 
Is Bi - amping worth the trouble?
Why don't you just bi-wire?? It's easier and well worth the effort. Use Anati-Cables - very cheap and excellent. 
Rega Planar 25 problem
Here is your answer... The distributer is Cogent, Inc. 11140 Petal St. Suite 350 Dallas, Tex. 972-234-0182The Rega website is www.Rega.uk 
Quicksilver V4 w/ Vandersteen 5 A
I'm using Ayre - gets pretty darn close to luscious tube sound, yet has the muscle and stability for Vandersteens. Why do you think Ayre and Vandersteens are paired in the Ayre factory sound room, and during shows....