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Quicksilver V4 w/ Vandersteen 5 A
I'm using Ayre - gets pretty darn close to luscious tube sound, yet has the muscle and stability for Vandersteens. Why do you think Ayre and Vandersteens are paired in the Ayre factory sound room, and during shows.... 
best speakers for Ayre amps ?
I have Ayre V1xe with Vandersteen 5A's Can't get much better than the sound I hear. I am a professional musician and am very happy. 
Ayre D1 vs C5
I have both - The C5 is better 
I own the C5 and think it is outstanding. The real surprise of this unit is its ability to make Redbooks sound so good. I have many Redbooks that sound better than SACD or AudioDVD. I've compared the sound of my VPI Sig with Benz Ebony and often t... 
wilson wp8 v. maxx2
Do some serious listening to Vandersteen 5A's with really good components and cable. I went through what you're going through. Vandees are upgradable too - no need to trade to keep on top. Wilsons can sound good with the right recording, but I fin... 
Wilson Watt Puppy 7 Blowen tweeters?
Sounds like your amp is oscellating. Have your components checked out. even your speaker cables. It probably isn't weak Wilson tweeters. Sometimes RF gets through - do you live near an airport?? Radar is a baddy. 
Purist or Kubala-which to buy for entire system
I never heard Kubala. Purist has a very distinctive sound. It is unlike any cable I have ever heard. It is extremely dark, but clean and clear. It has a huge sound space, but personally, I got tired of the coloration. 
Cardas lightning 15 vs. Wireworld gold starlight 5
I have a Cardas Lightening for sale if you want it - I'm sure we can come up with a reasonable to both of us price. Stan SgreenT@Att.Net 
Trying to extract more from my Vandersteen
I have Vandersteen 5A's and they are anything but fuzzy, cloudy, etc. I am using all top Ayre components. I tried all kinds of cable. Audioqest silver rediculously expensive, and Anti-Cables rediculously cheap are the best matches. Try using diffe... 
Long interconnect for amp
Be caeful of long runs and r/f. Did you ever think of Anti-Cables? They should be included in your search. I absolutely love them in my all Ayre/Vandersteen 5A system. 
New Record Sounds Like Crap - How???
Here's How... The new stylii are shaped like a shark's tooth instead of being round at the tip. This shape goes down into the groove where the record has never been played before. All the wear is on the top part of the groove. 
Anyone out there with a Vandersteen Quatro Speaker
Friendly Advice... I have an all Ayre top of the line system with Vandersteen 5A's. I'm bi-wireing with Anti-Cables. I've had everything in my system, and nothing except Audioquest Silver is at that level. They are cheap and excellent. Don't twist... 
I could not believe it
What has better sound - Turntable or CD. People. You cannot evaluate CD performance on a garbage CD player. I have an Ayre C5xe Universal that sometimes (not all the time) sounds better than vinyl. I have also a VPI Scoutmaster with Valhalla Wire ... 
Shortlist of best cartridges with VPI
I'm using S/Scoutmaster w/val wiring with Ayre k1ze, v1xe and Vandersteen 5A's. My cartridge of choice is Benz Ebony. Enjoy 
Home Depot Ext. Cord for Speaker Cable
I use them in my system and they sound wnderful - every bit as good as the high priced spread. I have and all Ayre system into Vandersteen 5A's