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ANTI-CABLES by Paul Speltz: Anyone Using Them?
I am not an electrical engineer and can only tell you what I hear. I have all Ayre equipment and Vandersteen 5A's. I am a professional violin player, and can tell you that Paul's cables set up straight and far from each other sound very real to me... 
Cardas vs Shunyata power cords question
I had many power cords in my system, and Cardas was the very worst. It closed down the dynamics, was grainy, etc. I called Cardas and asked them if something was wrong, they said that it sounded like it had to be broken in. After 3 months of break... 
ANTI-CABLES by Paul Speltz: Anyone Using Them?
I have replaced all the interconnects in my system with the Anti-Cable balanced interconnects. They are fabulous 
ANTI-CABLES by Paul Speltz: Anyone Using Them?
Paul will braid these for you for a sight fee. I found that straight is better 
ANTI-CABLES by Paul Speltz: Anyone Using Them?
Silver will most likely not make them better. 
ANTI-CABLES by Paul Speltz: Anyone Using Them?
I'm using the Anti-Cables bi-wired with an Ayre V1xe, and Vandersteen 5A's. There are 4 wires each side from the amp to the speakers. They are not twisted and as far from each other as possible. The sound is stunning. 
Audioquest Sky/Evrest or Purist Dominus/Anniversar
On my system, Purist cables sound dark - not necessarily closed in, just dark, and not very lifelike. The midrange, is just oh so drippy smoothe. I tried all kinds of cables, and Audioquest Sky and silver speaker cables sounded very, very, real. I... 
Stupid question about power cables ...
Regarding that 3rd pin.. The proper way to hook everything up is to use that 3rd pin on the preamp, and then no 3rd pins on anything else. Also - get a VTVM. With only the component being test, plug it into the wall using a "cheater" (a 3 prong to... 
Top Ten Interconnects of all time...
Audioquest Silver and Anti-Cables. Don't twist the Anti-Cables in spite of the recommendation. 
Benz Micro Empire MC 5
Very interesting - Thanks. I am using the Benz Micro Ebony High Output and think it's a killer. 
Jeff Rowland Phono stage
Mon Dieu - Jeff Rowland makes some of the finest audio equipment in the world. The company is also wonderful to deal with. I've dealt with them and have been very happy. If you have an issue, E-mail, phone, or write to the company. I assure you, y... 
Tone Arm Help for a newbie
I agree with Tobias 
Turntable Hum
Has it ever behaved and if so, what change happened that initiated the problem? 
Turntable, Vinyl help................please
I tend to think you should aim higher. A very reasonable and wonderful table are those made by Rega. As good as the table is, the included arm is even better than the table. If you do get Rega, get back to me and I'll tell you those little secrets... 
Subwoofer "Thumping"
My thought is that the arm/cartridge has a resonance mismatch and the woofer being able to respond to those low frequencies, is only doing it's job. What kind of arm/cartridge do you have - I suspect an arm with high mass, and a cartridge with lot...