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Wedding toasts... let's hear them
Ah, audiophile wedding toasts."May this marriage last longer than that crappy integrated amp I told you not to buy.""May this bond be the interconnect between two great components.""May you hear each other perfectly, even without speakers.""Though... 
It Might Get Load - documentary
It Might Get Load sounds like an altogether different type of film.Sorry. I agree with Rf's assessment and am glad I saw the film. 
How large is your music collection?
A very brief aside here (I promise). My iTunes has 3,582 somgs (after burning in two CDs this morning). However, I delete songs I don't like or just don't burn them in to begin with. For example, if I own some disc with 12 tracks and I only like 4... 
Recommended AES/EBU cables under 800 dollars
IMHO, it's worth giving the Kimber Select Series a try. You might be able to whip up a pair of KS-116 or possibly even 1126. 
Which songs/albums take you back to college?
Paul Westerberg's first foray into solo stuff (post-Replacements), REM, Live, and then some stuff that I just could not stomach like Blind Melon and the theme song to the show "Friends" and that type of soft edgeless music. 
Is there such a thing as tube sound in a ss?
IMHO, my Simaudio i7 integrated brings some tubeness to the table. It's got a touch of that warmth but with the control of solid state./ducks, buys bulletproof body armor 
don't you love it when everyting fits in place ..
Can you throw down some Allen Toussaint as well? Dig that guy. 
Looking for a Great Sounding Outdoor Speaker
Full disclosure: I work in progressive politicsThat said, I'm really tired of the politics on this site in *both* directions. I never used an AudiogoN thread as an excuse to attack Bush (I've been a member since he first became president) because ... 
Upgrade: Speakers or Amp. mod?
Just to play Satan's attorney, there is one reason to consider the amp: speakers often sound better when the downstream components feeding into them improve. However, it sounds like the speakers in question are sort of a rare find. So then you can... 
Benchmark DAC1 USB w/ Focal XS - observations
I'm using DAC1 USB with Mackie powered speakers, and I am equally impressed. My DAC1 is currently with Parts Connexion for a $500-ish mod...hoping to enjoy the Benchmark experience even more.Glad you're having fun with this. 
Finding a little warmth from Benchmark1 USB DAC
For me, USB cables made an enormous difference with my Benchmark USB DAC. I first tried the supplied USB, then switched to a Kimber Kable ($40 slight improvement) and then went to the Locus Design Axis ($550).The Axis has improved things by severa... 
RIP J Gordon Holt
Terrible, terrible news. There's not a journalist that ever lived who we all agreed with, but Mr. Holt was without doubt a truly great audiophile. He'll be deeply missed. 
My computer setup...
My understanding is that all volume leading into the Benchmark should be at 100%. This includes iTunes volume and any computer-specific volume settings in your Control Panel/bottom toolbar. This was gleaned from a conversation I had with Benchmark... 
My computer setup...
Thanks for the tip, GMood1...I'll check those out. 
Who gets your system and music after you are gone?
My friends will come barrelling in here and make off with any damn thing they can carry.I can't wait to look up at them from hell...the ridiculous stumblebums tripping over power cords, wobbling with full size speakers, and yelling "HEY LOOK I GOT...