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PMC speakers vs B&W... has anyone compared?
As an owner of N802s, and formerly N803, I find the Nautilus to be precise, not colored. Awful for rock? Not in my experience. It is absurd to claim that dealers always "dem" them with a certain kind of music. 
Trivista 300 vs KW 500
Absolute Sound has written up both of these. In their January issue the reviewer opines that the KW is better than the TriVista, which he loved in an earlier article. As a TriVista owner, I am very pleased but this article got my attention. The on... 
I Can't Stop Playing This Song
I heartily agree with the desire for another DVD. The first one is the really good. There are more classics to add such as My Old School, Aja, Gaucho, Reelin in the Years, and Deacon Blues. 
Radio Interference - HELP
Yes thankfully the problem is gone. Thanks for the feedback. 
new at this...which amp?,Your statement that you finally realize what the speaker is capable of is telling. I have Nautilus 802s which I really liked, but adding the MF Trivista showed me what the speakers could do. 
Radio Interference - HELP
After trying two identical Toshibas, I replaced with a Sony. Problem gone. Go figure. Comcast remains on my bad list, however. 
Radio Interference - HELP
I went back to Comcast after isolating as much as possible, including a Radio Shack ferrite ring. I plugged everything into a Richard Gray 600. None of these made any difference. I called Comcast and they told me that I can only use RCAs (white, y... 
Original spikes for B&W N802s...who has them?
My dealer wanted to charge me $300. I contacted B&W and they sent them for free. 
Your Favorite, Most Outstanding Guitar Solo
Listened to Terry Kath's performance on 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago 2) last night on DVD-A. Forgot how good he was. 
Help choosing Power Conditioner
I have used Richard Gray and now Balanced Power Technologies, both good products. The Richard Gray 600 has been in a box for 6 months. I would be willing to sell it for $750 (originally $1200) [email if interested]. Also, I have heard good things ... 
Speaker Wire for a non-anal listener
Do you think a non-anal listener would ever analyze the parts of boo-ya? 
N802's - Bi-amp or better amp?
Very happy with MF TriVista Integrated (350 watts) driving N802s. Really opened up the bass. 
New TV technology ?
Last month's Sound & Vision. 
Norah Jones?
I disagree with those who find her boring. She is subtle. Her arrangements and piano ar first rate. The recording quality is only so-so. I notice in her video that she almost touches the microphone with her mouth. That may produce a certain fuzzin... 
Musical Fidelity with B&W
I have the A308cr cd player into the TriVista Integrated amp into Nautilus 802. Very happy with the combination, particularly after adding the TriVista.