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Best integrated, ???
Haven't heard it with the Dynaudios, but the MF TriVista Integrated 300 brought out new dimensions in my Nautilus 802s. Great product, great build. 
B & W N802 or Shahinian Hawks?
The sounstage of the N802 is considerably bigger than that of the N803. 
Meridian 507, Rega Jupiter, Music Fidelity..ect ??
The MF 308cr cd player is excellent for redbook. It also mates well with B&W speakers. You should be able to get one used for $2k. Worth the extra dollars. 
Best 5K used or new for Musical A308cr System
I would suggest the B&W Nautilus 803s with a subwoofer. MF and B&W mate well. The 308cr amp is a little bit light on the bass, so I would add the sub. 
Musical Fidelity Nu Vista CD vs. Cary 306/200 CD
I tested the 306/200 last year before buying the MF 308cr cd. I really liked the sound of the 306, but when I tried to play a cd-rw the player couldn't read it.Tom 
Pre Outs on Musical Fidelity Tri Vista Integrated
Why would you want to do this? I think the 350 wpc amp is fantastic. 
Nautilus803 with ASW 800, or 802 as main speakers?
Both speakers are outstanding. I originally had the 803s and upgraded to the 802s. They have better base and a much bigger sound. The 802s are worth the extra money. 
Best amp for B&W 802 speakers
I am running the MF Tri-Vista Integrated amp with the Nautilis 802s. Fantastic!! Great bass, delicate treble. 
Sony SCD-1:Is it time to tweak or upgrade to new?
I had a lower level Sony SACD player modded by Richard Kern a couple years ago. As we live in the same city, I was able to see his setup. He was running a modded SCD-1. He told me that in his system, the modded SCD-1 was the best sound he had hear... 
B&W N802 owners - system matching help needed
I have a pair of 802s and have been thinking about spiking them. Can you share your "special things" to try?Tom 
Which amplifier to drive B&W Nautilus 802?
The Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista Intergrated amp sounds fantastic with the 802s. 
Various Wadia models Vs Cary Audio and others
Have you tried the Ayre CX-7? I heard it with the same amp/preamp combo that you have -- with Vanderstein speakers). It was outstanding in that setup. 
tube vs ss for pre-amp.
If you can swing it, the Hovland HP-100 sounds great with the Marsh. I used to run these into B&W Nautilus 803s & 802s. 
Cables for Musical Fidelity A308 set up
I use Homegrown Audio Silver Lace for IC and speaker (bi-wired). Several months ago I added the A308 cd player. It sounds great in my system (Hovland pre, Marsh amp, B&W N802s)with the Homegrown. 
Cd player or Nautilus 804
Having owned n803s and now 802s I can tell you that they won't truely break in for several months -- the 803s took six months, the 802s a little less. Give them a chance.Tom