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How much room do B&W 802s need?
I have a room that is living room into dining room. If the living room ended at the dining room, my room dimensions would be similar to yours. I also have a doorway on the long wall at about 2 oclock. My 802s are on that ling wall. They are about ... 
Esoteric DV-50: Any cdp's Significantly better?
Can the participants break down their scores? Please list the categories and how you scored each contestant on each category. That way each viewer can see how you scored the players on the category they consider important. 
power amplifiers with ICEpower module
Dealers have opinions too. If they have proven over time to be straightforward, then you can depend on them. Dealers probably hear a greater variety of components/systems, and their opinions can be worthwhile. Has Brian shown that his opinions are... 
Problems with my Tri-Vista 300--Need some help
Washline,They probably want to see the originals if they are going to replace for free. I was told when I bought my TriVista that I could order a second set any time, that they set aside an extra pair for each unit. 
Will Wadio ever make an SACD player?
All of the SACDs and DVD-As have been moved to the back of the store at Tower Records, in a separate room that houses the classical section. Many people still don't know what they are. Personally, I am only buying hybrids, until this works itself ... 
Esoteric DV-50: Any cdp's Significantly better?
Avguru made a request (demand since it is his thread) that the thread get back on track. The first few posters seem to ignore this request. I am very interested in the shoot outs. I tend to like a bright crisp detailed sound, apparently different ... 
Problems with my Tri-Vista 300--Need some help
Sounds like it might have been damaged in shipment, or you were sold damaged goods. The source selector problem should be unrelated. For some reason they designed the TriVista so that the source selector spins each time you turn on the unit. Mine ... 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Lindsay Buckingham most talented. Earl Klugh most mellow. 
Going HD - Should I dump DirectTV?
I have recently upgraded to HDTV on Comcast. Continue to think anout sat. One advantage of the Comcast HD-PVR is that it only costs an additional $5 per month, instead of the $850-$1000 for HD Tivo. Also, the HDTV reception noticably improved when... 
MF A308 amp/pre vs. MF TriVista int.
I did the direct comparison. No contest. The Trivista brings out base in the N802s that I didn't know they had. And after one year the Trivista sounds better than it did after 6 months of being run every day for 1-2 hours. It is a steal!! 
Here we go again ... driving B&W N802s
Johnnysd,Very interesting. I currently run the MF TriVista Integrated through N802s. It was no contest between the A308 and TriVista. I thought I was satisfied. Now you've peaked my interest in the Spectron. Thanks a lot.Tom 
BPT Power Conditioner
Upgraded from Richard Gray 600 to BPT 3.5 Signature. An improvement, but more subtle than overwhelming in my system. 
Interconnects for Musical Fidelity
Very happy with Homegrown Silver Lace ic and speaker (bi-wired)on the Trivista Int. A lot of detail, but still full sound, particluarly in the base. (TriVista base is notibly stronger than the A308 or the 3.2) 
Loreena McKinnet Remasters
I notice that a DVD has been added to these new productions. Anyone seen it? What is it of? Is it the same DVD in each remix?Tom 
Cables for Musical Fidelity/Dynaudio system?
I have a MF A308 cd into a TriVista int. amp. I use all Homegrown Audio Silver Lace (IC and speaker) into N802s. Very satisfied.