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MF A300 to A308: notable improvement?
Compared the A308 separates with the TriVista Intergrated. No contest. Bought the TriVista. I didn't realize that my N802s were this good until the TriVista.Tom 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Musical Fidelity TriVista Integrated Amp - hear to believe! 
Levinson 383 vs. Rowland Concentra
You may want to also check out the MF 300 Trivista Integrated. Its a killer. 
Review: Musical Fidelity A3.2cr Preamplifier
The TriVista Integrated is truely special. 
Where to purchase a Ayre CX-7 CD player?
Where are you located? 
B&W CDM 9NT vs 804's
Owned CDM 7NTs, the N803 and now N802s. The 803s and 802s I believe are the two best speakers for the money in the Nautilus line. The 802s add a larger sound stage, and, to my ears, a slightly more detailed midrange. My room is a living room, whic... 
Cary 303/200 vs. Ayre CX-7
The Ayre CX-7 and the Cary 306 were on my short list. I listened to the Cary in both upsampling modes (96 and 192) and seemed to prefer the 96 -- which I believe the 303 has. I really liked the Ayre. It seemed to have some noise problems initially... 
Review of Michael Wolff Carbon Ribbon Source power
Have the Carbon Ribbon Source on my MF a308cr cd, and am very happy with it. Also am pleased with the Gain Squared (modified with 20 amp connection) on my TriVista Int. amp. 
Shunyata Hydra
I bought the BP-3.5 Signature several weeks ago. Mine sounded great (to my ears)right out of the box, and has slowly gotten better. 
Sony SCD-1:Is it time to tweak or upgrade to new?
Richard Kern of Audiomod e:mail at or by phone at (503)659-6599 or (503)490-860 
Power Conditioners and Voltage Stabilzers
Just "upgraded" from a Richard Gray 600 to a BPT 3.5 Signature. Nothing wrong with the RGPC 600. Decided that the BPT was preferable to adding the RGPC Power Station and keeping the 600. 
what happened to usa cd players ?????
Ayre cx-7. 
Sony SCD-1 or BAT VK-D5 / D5SE
The only way SACD will succeed is to release the SACD or hybrid on the same day that the plain cd is released. There may be 1500 releases, but how many people want old Dylan or Rolling Stones that weren't that well recorded in the first place? 
Q to owners of Musical Fidelity A308 CD Player
I hear a slight puff in the speakers if I turn the unit off immediately after the drawer closes. If I wait until the "No Disc" appears before I turn it off, I hear no sound. I have never heard two sounds, and have had the unit for about one year.Tom 
Does an aftermarket power cord matters for Amp?
My first pc upgrade was two relatively inexpensive Sonic Horizon cable into my amp and preamp. The difference from the stock cords was quite noticeable -- more refined sound. I have since "upgraded" tp more expensive Michael Wolff cords. They make...