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Musical Fidelity A3.2 vs A300
I have owned both the A3 and the 3.2.I preferred the A3 because of it's warmer sound.The 3.2 seemed somewhat "sterile" to me.Just my opinion.tracer 
Does the Pioneer PD-65 play CDR's - Please confirm
Mine did.alan 
CDP with volume control
I forgot-Sony.tracer 
CDP with volume control
Denon 1650,Marantz 63,Resolution audio,THETA MILES,Cary Audio.There are others, I am sure,in the higher priced models,but I was never able to afford them.tracer 
How does Sony DVP-S9000ES compare to other Sony's?
Audire: I have not been able to find any info other than some specs,as the player is not out for 2-3 more weeks.I did see it reported that list is $999.Given the number of Denon dealers,I am certain discounted units will be available within months. 
How does Sony DVP-S9000ES compare to other Sony's?
I also have owned the 9000 and enjoyed it.It is not a "laid back" player,in terms of presentation,however,if that is important to you.Denon also has a new "Universal" (sacd,dvd,dvd-a,and redbook cd)player ,the 2900, due out in less than 30 days.MS... 
PS Audio vs Bel Canto vs Musical Fidelity shootout
I also want to commend and thank you for your thoughtful and thorough review.I am specifically interested as I was going to buy the VR3's or 4's,having owned the Alon speakers previously.Would you elaborate on the Odysseys' place in the evaluation... 
$250 Computer Sound
My son bought the Logitech surrounds (4) and a sub for $200.I have been very surprised by the quality of the sound.alan 
System Audio
I have owned the 950's and have heard the 2070's.Great clarity and soundstage,although no meaningful bass.tracer 
Jolida vs. Planet 2000 vs. Fidelity A3
I assume you are referring to the A3 CD player.I am a long time proponent of the company ,having owned 5 different MF products.I believe they offer a well built ,excellent line of amps and cd players.That said-I was underwhelmed by the A3 CD.It se... 
Name three of yours the most favourite drummers
Paco Sery- Zawinul Syndicate-World Tour-Saw him at a Newport Jazz Festival event-STUNNING speed and timing,even at low volume.Zukhair Hussain-Tabla player with John McLaughlin-Shakti,saw him in Dallas with McLaughlin-Again unbelievable speed ,feel... 
Sony XA7ES or Theta Miles CD
I believe the Theta is analogue,I better check on the sony.thankstracer 
Funky/fusion jazz with heavy base emphasis....
George Duke-"After Hours" "Illusions" Is Love Enough"(!)Herbie Hancock "Thrust" "Disis Da Drum"Nuyorican Soul "Fabrica De Nuevo York"Steps Ahead "Yin Yang"Billy Cobham "Total Eclipse"Rachelle Ferrell "Individuality"email for others if you wish,tracer 
MF A3 speaker connectors: What were they thinking?
You are not missing anything-that is exactly the situation.Like you,I used the hole to put one half of the spade thru.Ironically the new 3.2Integrated is not that way.My spades fit it just fine on it.alan 
Differences in CD burning software/programs
Another vote for Nero.tracer