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What's Your Experience with Digital Switching Amp?
How much is the Velluto?tracer 
Blues "must have, top 100" list?
I would suggest the Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival on DVD.You can watch and listen to many of the Blues greats for slightly more than the cost of a cd.Used on or Ebay,around $15 plus shipping. 
Spectacular Drum Set?
1.Dennis Chambers on "Pick Hits Live" by John Scofield (fusion)2.Steve Smith with "Vital Information" (fusion)3.Carter Beauford produces great drum sounds for Dave MatthewsDon't overlook the various Jazz Festiival and performance DVD's as they gen... 
Acarian - Alon IV vs. Alon V mkII
The IV's will need a fairly large room.I believe the V's will be more refined,but you would have to be able to A/B them to hear the difference I suspect.I have heard the Alon line extensively,and have owned several pairs of the II's,which are unbe... 
Amplifier suggestions for EE Minimax/Soliloquy 6.3
Acoustic Reality Digital.(EAR 2?) 
Review: Musical Fidelity A 3.2 CD Player
I do not intend to provoke a disagreement among MF users,but ,although satisfied with their integrateds,have been disappointed by their digital products.tracer 
Jazz CD suggestions for evening ambience
AFTER HOURS George Duke 
Musical Fidelity A3 CR Vs A3.2 Integrated
I have owned the A3 and the 3.2.I definitely liked the A3 better.I don't mean to ruffle the feathers of any who disagree,just my opinion.In the same boat personally,I wonder about the digital amps.tracer 
ISO slim floorstander speaker, need recommendation
System Audio 950/1150. 
Good insturmental sax jazz recommindations
Kenny Garrett. 
Music for the spirit and the soul
Joni Mitchell "Hejira" 
Review: Musical Fidelity CDpre24 vs Cary CD 308 vs Nixon TubeDac+ vs Xindak SCD CD Player
You should probably be paid for that.I appreciate sharing your experience,as I often prefer a "real world" perspective.That said,I wonder if you would mind sharing your thoughts about the HCA 2 VS The MF AMP,both using the MF Pre CD? I have been c... 
Your favorite recent discovery
"Latin Project" Very untraditional treatment of Latin Music.(Reminds me of Ozomatl a hair.)"Les Nubians" (Both 2003 releases.)Female "COOL JAZZ" interpretation of "Rap" from France.Tracer 
Latin Jazz -- Your Top 5
Just a comment,actually.Investigate all of Caribbean Jazz Project's releases.(Check Ebay and Martinez-Cuban Power PowerMichael Camillo-allThe Latin Project (2003)Tracer 
Integrated, Marantz pm-17, Denon pma 2000? or?
I like the Musical Fidelity A3.tracer