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Good, Inexpensive CD w. Volume control?
I don't believe any of the inexpensive units have balanced outs.I owned the Denon 1650 Ar CD.Great bass,but not enough "Air" for me. The sony units are probably your best bet,or possibly a dac.Some have the volume control also.Don't overlook the S... 
Opinions needed on Musical fidelity amps
I own the A3 MF amp.85 watts/8 ohms,170/4 ohms.I don't think you will need the additional power of the A300 with the efficiency of the Klipsch,and you will save $500.Tracer 
Need Speaker Recommendation 1600
Alon II.There are several pair available here and on Audio Review at around 1K used. Hear before you buy anything else!Tracer 
Another 2,000 Speaker Question
Alon II 
McCormack DNA 0.5 vs Musical Fidelity A3
I own he A3 integrated ,and while it seems an excellent unit for the money,I often wonder if the DNA would have more extended highs,or would handle complex,multilayered musical passages a little better.Latin jazz can become slightly muddy. tracer 
Jazz Recommendations
My opinion: George Duke After Hour/Is Love Enough/Illusions Shadowfax,Steps Ahead,Weather Report,Mahavishnu Orchestra,Patricia Barber,Zawinal Syndicate,for starters. 
Vandersteen 3A OR Alon 2 MK2
I vote for the Alon. 
Musical Fidelity A3 
Good budget CD with variable out??
Denon 1650 cd 
Best Integrated Amp $1-2k range
I own the A3 MF integrated and feel it is the integrated equivalent of McCormack . 
Amp for Acarian Alon IIs
I have the A3 Musical Fidelity iontegrated,with the Alon II's.Very pleased and will produce excellent harmonics. Alan 
Best Vanishing speakers
Box Speakers 1.Audio Physic Virgo-at any volume from almost any position 2 or more feet away. 2.Alon II Mk II 3.Totem