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Musical Fidelity X series Integrateds
Don't know if you received my email,but I am looking or an X series integrated,if you want to sell.Thanksalan817 689 0975 
Onkyo 9555
They are out of stock.Any other recommendations?Tracer 
Suggestions for an integrated amp?
I owned the A3 previously and would highly recommend it.I also owned the 3.2 and liked the A3 better.YMMV.Incidentally ,I believe the A3 is 170 watts into 4 ohms,if your speakers are 4 ohm.tracer 
Dussun vs Qinpu vs.Jungson vs.Onkyo A-9555 Amps
What's the best price you have seen on the Onkyo? 
Musical Fidelity X series Integrateds
I currently am using the Jungson MH DVD2 for a source,and have bought the Usher S-520's ,a small monitor.Am currently looking for some Alon speakers,and will possibly buy the XRAY cd,if I commit to the X series MG integrated.Thanks for the respons... 
Amplifier to pair with NHT 3.3
McCormack DNA.5.Maybe a stretch for $500 though.No bite ,which might be critical with the NHT's.tracer 
Dussun DS99
Actually interested in impressions of the DS99. 
Dahlquist DQ-20 Fan club Rant
I was only vaguely familiar with the similarity between the Alons and the Dalqhuist.I am searching for the Alon I's or II's and wondered-Should I consider the 20"s? Are they as resolving as the Alon's (inner detail etc)?Are they currently being ma... 
Review: Alon Model I Speaker
I have owned two pairs of the ALON II's,and loved them.I would love to buy another pair,but have reservations.1.Shipping damage- both pairs sustained minor wounds in transit.2.No MFG support.I am worried about replacement parts.It seems that some ... 
Good CD/DVD Combo...
I too am investigating this option,and have been referred to the Arcam DV series.(78,I believe.)tracer 
Arcam DV 88 vs Arcam DV 78
I also am interested and don't want to,in any manner hijack your thread.I was inteerested in the audio only (redbook) performance of these units.Again KMILLER5,hope I haven't offended.tracer 
Floorstanders: 1k used-Psb,Audes,etc....
Alon,if you can find them. 
Source for low cost redbook CDs
Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?
Anthony Jackson.He looks like a bass player,as an added bonus.He,Michel Camilo,Cliff Almond are great together! 
Outstanding Drum Performances
You might want to go to DRUMMERWORLD and check out the video section.As a drummer,I suspect you will be shocked by drummers you have never heard of,(many of which I haven't either.)If you change your emphasis to jazz,I will be happy to chime in.I ...