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Virtually lost, a minimalist cries out for "help."
I am not sure if either of these are balanced or analog,but Cary Audio ,Resolution Audio and Wadia offer volume controls on their cdp ,if I am not mistaken.tracer 
Unico vs A3.2 amp - a toss-up choice ?
Responding to SIMONLEEMD- I have owned the A3 MF Integrated and thought the 3.2 offered superior resolution in the form of slightly greater detail ,and slightly more extended top end.The difference in low frequency however was not slight at all-th... 
Unico vs A3.2 amp - a toss-up choice ?
I own the 3.2 integrated.With a tubed source,I wouldn't be as concerned about edge or treble quality.tracer 
Rocket Loudspeakers by Onix?
Check under the Harmonic Discord Forum.They have had some experience with them over there. 
Any comparison between Audes/Gershman/Triangle?
I have heard the Celius and Chameleon at the same store (Primus audio-Kansas City) with identical electronics.(Arcam Integrated/Sim Audio CD)They both have strengths and are in some ways similar.The Triangle is delicate ,clean and extended in the ... 
Are NHT VT2.4's harsh, or is it just me?
They're harsh. 
$800 Integrated
Musical Fidelity A3 Integrated.tracer 
B&K ST2140 or Odyssey Stratos 150?
My suggestion: Don't overlook McCormack.tracer 
Worth it to buy cheap, but no audition integrated
My Suggestion:Pioneer Elite PD 65-Ask for date code on the rear of the player.I wouldn't buy one that is too old.Musical Fidelity A3 Integrated-I love this amp and have compared it directly to McCormack.Close enough to prevent me from spending the... 
Best or most profound sleeper product
System Audio Speakers.A friend and I AB'd the 950's against his B&W 804's.At least the equivalent for $1k less money with deeper bass.tracer 
Sony DVP-S9000ES Availability???
I bought one last weekend at Tweeter's in Southlake Texas for $699.tracer 
right integrated for my system?
Musical Fidelity A3 is nice,but I didn't like the matching A3 CD.tracer 
Best CDP for under 1000 used
I agree.I have owned the Denon 1650,the PD 65,the Musical Fidelity A3 CD,and although not an exhaustive list by any means,have come to realize that $1500 ,not $1000 is the next plateau in CD reproduction.I bought the Sony,and am breaking it in.Inc... 
Need inexpensive amp help and questions on Hype
Don't know about the speaker impedance or efficiency-but I own the Musical Fidelity A3 integrated and think it is a great product.85 watts/8 ohms/170 watts/4 ohms.Very silent running in my system.tracer 
US/Canada Customs Fees
Same story-Bought a CD player from Canada and got a $46 UPS bill,in addition to my shipping costs.The seller denied any responsibility in the matter although he was a dealer.The truth is out there somewhere!