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Hints on how to sell on A'gon?
Be aware of the fact that there will be potential buyers who do not know the details of your product. All too often a seller will write 'no description needed, since if you're looking at this, you know what it is...' A LOT OF PEOPLE DON'T! Write a... 
Audio drops out when I hit a light switch
You should be listening in the dark anyway! 
Tube experts ---Chime In Do BK testers Lie?
justlisten, I would rather have the tester that was the most strict about what it passes. If there is a question about the quality of a tube - you don't want that tube, or at least,I don't. Too bad you lost money on the deal, but in the long run y... 
Question about solder
If it were me, I would wait for some better solder although I'm sure others will disagree. Wire is wire, amps is amps, and solder is solder, or not! 
What is under your TT, cheap islolation?
Dave, you are crazy! That's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! I was LOL! 
Does DK Design actually design and manufacture?
Shamburg it seems like you have an agenda when you ask a question to which, based on your second post, you already know the answer.Why are you asking this question? 
I had a babysitter snap the cantilever off of my cartridge while playing LPs for the kids. It's a difficult situation. Our home was more or less 'child-proof' where the knobs, and TT were well off the floor.Would it work to just unplug some of the... 
Buck Owens RIP
Mmrog, that was very insightful. Not being a fan, but also not a detractor I was not aware of his influence. Well done, and it appears, a well deserved tribute. 
Question about cabling in three-way speakers
The upper is always, IME the midrange and the tweeter. 
$1000 used amp. What can I buy?
The Pass Labs products are very good, I might suggest going a generation older to the Aleph series when they used a single gain stage. They were not as powerful, but they sure sounded good. Aragon 8008st or 8008bb are both good options too for an ... 
Did Meadowlark go out of business?
That's disappointing, everything I heard about them was good. 
Rogue 99
Lean sounding to my ears, but I don't use Cat 5. 
What the heck is that thing?
Viridian is right, it's the spaceship Michael Fremer flew in on. : ) 
Recommend relatively obscure high end tube preamps
The Aesthetix IO comes to mind, or are you unhappy with Aesthetix products?Is it not possible to replace your Wavac? 
which preamp sounds most transparent?
John is right. Others will have differing points of view. It seems that you are looking for a neutral pre-amp. I have been taken to task over this before since some people regard neutral as synonymous with flawed, but I think Klyne pre-amps are ve...