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Burmester CD 03 sampler
Thanks for your replies & thank you for the correction CFB, it was an " oversite " on my part. ;) 
Battubes....the begining
I heard a AR Ls25mk1 with a matched quad of 6922 electro harmonix and it sounded beautiful. At 65.00 for the quad, I would leave it on 24/7 and change out the tubes anually. 
any experience with tube rolling a mcintosh c2200
Yes, I rolled the stock linestage tubes to mullard cv4004 and telefunken 12at7's with not much noticeable improvement. 
How's the quality of the HDCD's from China/Ebay
Well wouldnt the HDCD display light let you know if you had a pirated CD? 
McIntosh MA2275 v VAC Avatar Super
For the price of a MC2275 and if your trying to keep it somewhat Mac I would get a used MC252 amp with a Cary SLP94, or even a Audio Research Ls25 mk1 preamp. Keep the slam of the SS mac and add a little Cary sweetness, just my 2 cents. 
Thoughts on the Mac 352
Ive talked to someone at Mcintosh who insists the MC402 and MC352 are the same amp with the exception of the 3D face design and LED display. Go for a $2600.00 MC352, spend the saved 1200.00 or more on nice interconnects. 
Amp to mate well with Dynaudio 25's/ McIntoshC2200
Keep it Mcintosh, MC252 or MC402. Remote switching thru the c2200 is also a plus. 
Your "DREAM" piece
4 chassis Jadis JA800 parked side by side nestled between my mbl digital front end. 
Best Integrated Amp, Price no obstacle?
I would look at Gryphon ( one listed now on the gon ) or MBL 7008 in solid state, Jadis has a stunning line of Integrateds with I beleive the DA60 being the reference model. On a funnier note Bossjay is try to unload a D&K which he considers t... 
Any problems with Springsteens DualDisc?
Went to specs record store and it was unreadable in their sample device too. 
MC352 + Khorns-best SS preamp?
Great amp, depending on your room I would try a Cary Slp98, Cj 17ls, maybe even a Bat pre and they all have remotes. IMHO get tubes into your rig. Audiogon is a great place to try many different pre's and being that they are light and easy to ship... 
Integraded Amp
Get both of what you want, a Mcintosh MA6900 with a 5 band eq. 
Who's Kidding Who ???
Sorry, guess only if your bidding or running the auction. 
Who's Kidding Who ???
You can see the bidders from the my page feature. 
Classe Cap-151, Drug on the market?
Not at all, excellent unit. Take advantage of the glut and enjoy one.